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We know how important it is for startups to keep costs down. That’s why we’re giving $100 million in free transfers back to the community that helped us grow
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Startups, we need to stick together

“I remember all too well how depressing it was to throw away the precious little resources we had in the early days of Skype. We didn’t have investment and were struggling - every pound and euro needed to count. Working between London, Tallinn and Stockholm meant we were constantly wasting money on banking fees.
It was important to me to do something about this for other startups when I got a chance - TransferWise’s technology and this campaign is my small way of doing that. Get your $100,000 free transfer voucher now and start putting the savings toward taking your company to the next level.”
Taavet Hinrikus was part of the original team that built Skype. He founded TransferWise with Kristo Käärmann in 2011.
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A few ways you can save your company money by using TransferWise

Paying employees who are working abroad? With TransferWise, you'll avoid paying bank fees and make sure that your workers get as much of their hard-earned money as possible
Conferences & events

Book tickets to industry conferences and events without taking a big hit on the exchange rate
Suppliers Abroad

Setting up deals with suppliers in other countries? Don't let shoddy exchange rates from the banks get in the way of growing your business
Foreign offices

Whether it's a full-blown office or monthly rent at a coworking space, TransferWise will help you save hundreds of pounds on international real-estate payments
Staff relocation

Helping international staff relocate to your home office? Cover their expenses without having to deal with additional fees
Foreign payments

Receiving payments from international customers? With TransferWise, both you and your customer will save by avoiding bank fees and rate markups

Heading abroad for business? Top up your foreign account via TransferWise and steer clear of the terrible rates you'll find at airport exchange counters
$1M Raise

Secured a chunk of international investment? Traditional bank transfers will eat a large percentage of your precious capital. Use TransferWise to make sure you get paid, not the banks
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