Mid-summer update from TransferWise

TransferWise content team
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At the beginning of this month, we were thrilled to be picked by Guardian as one of London's hottest tech startups in East London. We've been up and running for over a year and a half now, making your overseas and international payments cheaper, and are really pleased to have been highlighted as a great company, out of the 3000 strong competition in our area!

We were also featured in Startups 100, at number 12! That names us as one of the most "exciting, creative and disruptive businesses in the UK", a label we are hugely proud of. Launching TransferWise was an exciting challenge just over a year ago, but this recognition just spurs us on to give you even more cheap money tranfers, and keep beating the bank rates for sending your money abroad. It's an honour to appear on both lists and to be providing you a service you can trust - especially amidst the current banking turmoil!

The start of our Summer has been brilliant and the sun is finally here to echo our sentiment. We've added two more countries for international transfers - Poland and Switzerland, and given away £50 to many of our loyal users for referring their friends. On top of all that, I'm sure you can understand how getting this news really brightened up our Summer.

As you know we are working really hard on bringing new currencies to our product and introducing other cool features to TransferWise so stay tuned for further announcements in the upcoming weeks. ;)

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