The best European cities to study in as a Dutch student

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Employers value it, alumni swear by it - more and more students are drawn to educational adventures abroad.

In fact, 1 in 2 students say they’ve already studied abroad or are planning on doing so.

Today TransferWise launches its European university city ranking for Dutch students who are looking to study abroad. Berlin has been named the top European university city, closely followed by London and Antwerp. The ranking looks at factors that really matter to Y-Generations students, according to TransferWise research.

Berlin made first place thanks to its exciting nightlife, reasonably priced drinks and ample cultural activities. London came in second due to its high university rankings, international student population and long list of museums and theatres. Antwerp followed closely behind with its bike-friendliness and low cost of living. Stockholm and Zurich, the cities ranked lowest, were let down by their costly lifestyle and expensive trips back home.

Check out the full ranking:

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Jobs, jobs, jobs

More than half of Dutch students (55%) believe their time abroad will increase their job prospects. Learning a new language (45%) and gaining a broader worldview (44%) were also important motivational factors.

Seth Antonides, a Dutch student who studied German language and culture in Berlin:

‘Studying German as part of my degree, it made sense to go abroad to a German-speaking country for a semester. When I picked Berlin I was expecting to experience German culture as you know it, but Berlin is so different. It’s a very international city and almost like its own trendy little island.’

‘One of the many things I loved about the city was its endless cultural activities and its deep, historical roots, which have always fascinated me. I enjoyed being able to walk around town seeing historical monuments like the remnants of the Berlin Wall.’

‘I loved my semester in Berlin so much that I’m already looking for new opportunities to go abroad, hopefully doing an internship where I can use my German skills. The things I learned while living in Berlin, gaining a broader perspective not only on the world but also on the Netherlands and becoming more independent, will definitely help me in the future.’

Wander Rutgers, Head of Treasury, TransferWise:

'As a Dutch student who decided to study in Edinburgh, I would highly recommend studying in a foreign country. My university time abroad was incredibly valuable - I made friends from around the globe and broadened my horizons. In fact, I loved the UK so much that I decided to come back and work alongside 30 different nationalities at TransferWise in London.'

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