Say hello to safer online shopping: Introducing 3D Secure

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We’re making it even safer to use your TransferWise card online.

From now on, we'll be using 3D Secure technology. It’s an extra layer of security designed to stop card fraud, and keep your online payments safe.

You’ll see 3D Secure when you pay for something online

When you buy something online with your TransferWise card, the merchant might want to check that it's really you. So after you’ve entered your card details, they'll send you to a page that asks you to approve your payment. It looks like this:

There's three ways to approve — either using our app, entering a code sent by SMS, or with a phone call. Just pick the one that’s easiest for you. In all cases, you’ll need to have your phone or registered device handy.

Option 1: Approving a payment using the TransferWise app

We'll send a push notification to your phone or registered device. Just tap on it, open the TransferWise app, and choose to approve the payment.

Once you've approved the payment, that's it! We'll let the merchant know, and your payment will go through in seconds.

And if you get a push notification for a payment you don’t recognise, you can decline it there and then.

Options 2 and 3: Entering a code via text or phone call

If you choose this, we'll send you a code via SMS, or call the number on your TransferWise account. If you choose a call, you won’t need to speak to anyone! It'll just be an automated voice reading out the code.

You’ll need to enter the code you’ve received on the merchant's website. Here’s how that looks:

Once you’ve entered your code, you’re all done. The page will update, and your payment will go through.

Safer online shopping — wherever you are.

3D Secure is fast becoming the global security standard for how people make purchases online. So if you haven’t seen it before, you’ll likely see it soon!

And if you ever get a notification, SMS, or call for an online transaction you don’t recognise, please get in touch. We’re always happy to help.

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