The Best European Cities For UK Students - Brussels

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Based on the factors you selected, the city perfect for you is… BRUSSELS

Getting around

The entire city is efficient and manageable; shopping, nightlife, museums and cafes are all within walking distance of one another.

On the rare occasion that leg power isn’t enough, the public transport is comprehensive and freakishly punctual. This may not be the sexiest selling point, but like a credit score that doesn’t scream ‘homeless’, it’ll make life easier.


Brussels’ nightlife is relaxed and intimate. The city centre has a bunch of cosy cafe-bars known as ‘estaminets’. The live music scene is great, and the city has established itself as an unavoidable stop for most major acts.

Brussels has quite a few established clubs as well as pop up clubs, plenty of which go on till sunrise. Check out our rundown of the best bars in Brussels.


Brussels’ low rent and central location have made it a hotspot for contemporary artists and art galleries protesting the mainstream art industry.The city is awash with contemporary art galleries and alternative not-for-profit art spaces.

International Community

Brussels isn’t a student city in a conventional sense - they make up only 2% of the general population. On the other hand, the international student community in Brussels hovers at around 29% of the overall student population, so you’ll have plenty of Brits to keep you company and remind you of home.

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