A study of Americans living in Canada

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Americans prefer Nickelback to Trump, Tim Hortons to Starbucks, but they’re Beliebers at heart After Donald Trump’s win in seven primaries in March, searches for ‘move to Canada’ by Americans spiked 350%. So, following our launch in Canada in April, we decided to look at what Americans in Canada are like - and how they are adapting to life among the Canucks. What did we discover? Well, Americans are diving right into the culture of their adopted country: Canadian PM Justin Trudeau is far more popular than Trump, they listen to Drake and Justin Bieber over Taylor Swift or Kendrick Lamaar, and their comfort food of choice is Kraft dinner rather than Chef Boyardee. Even Starbucks loses out compared to the ever popular Tim Hortons... It’s not all been plain sailing though. The Canadian loonie went, well, a bit loony over the past 12 months. Fortunately, it’s back on the up, and US expats have gained almost C$3,400 each in the past four months thanks to the recovering Canadian dollar - that’s equivalent to a collective C$1bn annually. Are you one of the many who’s been thinking of making the move up north, eh? Scroll down to find out more…

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