We’re making a positive, irreversible change in the world of finance. Together.

Our offer to you.

We know everyone needs a little something different to do their best work. That's why we offer all our employees:

Our offer to you.

Sharing in our success.

Crucial to our success and growth as an organisation is hiring people who care deeply about our mission. That's why we're looking for people who want to make a positive, important change in the world.

One of the ways we attract mission-driven people to our organisation is by offering all our employees a competitive salary along with stock options. This is because we’re all creating TransferWise together and we want to share the value of our success as one of Europe’s fastest growing companies.

It's a marathon, not a sprint.

We know working at TransferWise is challenging and all our people go above and beyond for our customers.

Because of this, after 4 years at TransferWise, you'll have the option to take a paid sabbatical. This involves 6 weeks paid time off and £1,000 financial support in addition to your annual leave.

This is intended to reward the time and effort that you've have put into TransferWise and give you a long enough period to fully switch off and reflect back on your journey.

Flexibility and trust.

When it comes to things like time off for children, working from home, school plays, volunteering and more, our belief in flexible working largely renders a 'company policy' irrelevant. We believe in a culture of trust and assess performance on impact, not how much time is spent in the office.

Whether you need to work remotely or take some time to work from home or abroad with family, we encourage our employees to chat to their team lead and we do our best to make it happen.

A home away from home.

When we designed our new offices, we asked our teams what they’d like to have in their workplace. We’ve created office environments where people enjoy coming in and where everyone can do their best work. All our offices are pet-friendly and true to our Estonian roots, almost all our offices have a sauna!

We enjoy daily free breakfast and weekly team lunches. If you have a specific interest or hobby in mind, you can gather a group of interested co-workers and we subsidise the activity club - yoga, football or golf. You name it, we’ll support it.

Work hard, play harder.

Every year, we take all our employees on a paid company trip. The goal is to bring everyone together, have fun and celebrate our mission.

Despite our rapid growth in size (we almost doubled our size from the year before), it’s truly important to maintain our founding culture and keep people as excited about our mission as they were when we launched. This year our Summerfest 2018 trip to Estonia was bigger than ever before - over 1000 people attended from our offices around the world!