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Find the cheapest international money transfer

At TransferWise, we never hide extra fees and charges in the exchange rate. We just use the exchange rate – independently provided by Reuters. That means fair, low-cost transfers, every time.

Compare TransferWise exchange rates and fees with some of the biggest money transfer and remit services, such as HSBC, Worldremit or Lloyds.

TransferWise is easy

How to send money abroad cheaply

TransferWise makes cheap international money transfer a breeze.

  1. Just tap in how much, and where to.

  2. Then make a local payment to TransferWise, whether it’s with a bank transfer or your card.

  3. And that’s it.

TransferWise converts your money at the 'inter-bank' rate - the real rate - so you could save big time (even versus the guys saying there’s ‘zero’ commission). On TransferWise, there's no room for sneaky bank surcharges or creeping hidden charges.

What is TransferWise?

Things you need to consider before sending money abroad

  1. Fees: Businesses state low, upfront fees or even offer consumers fee-free transfers. But, like an iceberg, most of the expense of sending money abroad is hidden. The bulk of consumer costs can be concealed in poor exchange rates.

  2. Exchange Rate: A quick Google search will show you an exchange rate. But if you compare it to the exchange rate offered by banks and traditional money transfer services, you’ll find their rate is often much worse.

  3. Speed: How long it will take Traditional international money remittances often take several working days, but a lot of transfers are completed on TransferWise within 1 business day. Many of our transfers are even instant.

  4. Security: Safe money transfers With TransferWise, you’ll know where your money is every step of the way. And, as a company authorised by the FCA, you can sleep well knowing your money is in good hands.

There is only one exchange rate

Get the 'inter-bank' exchange rate

With TransferWise you always get the real ‘mid-market’ exchange rate - what you see on Google or XE.

For example for Hong Kong dollar to British pound, you pay a small, flat fee + fixed percentage of the transfer amount (you’ll always see the total cost upfront).

Waiting for the best exchange rate? Subscribe to our rate alerts so you can stay ahead of sneaky hidden exchange rate mark-ups.

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Quicker than you think

How long will the money transfer take?

Everything about TransferWise is streamlined, and creating your first transfer only takes a couple of taps. 90% of the transfers from the UK to Europe are completed within 1 business day, and you’ll always get delivery updates throughout.

We're trusted by 4 million people and counting.

Is TransferWise safe?

TransferWise is an authorised Electronic Money Institution independently regulated by the Customs and Excise Department (C&ED) Hong Kong.

This means we're required by law to keep your money safe by storing it in a low-risk financial institution - in Europe this is in our UK account with Barclays, in the US this is in our US account with Wells Fargo.

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