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Bank Transfer Troubleshooting

Issues with bank transfers to TransferWise are rare, but sometimes happen. Here's a list of the most common issues we've noticed when it comes to paying by bank transfer.

Bank account name and TransferWise name mismatch
Bank transfer sent to incorrect details
Incorrect amount deposited
Unique reference not included
CHF deposits

Bank account name and TransferWise name don't match

We can't process bank transfers when it's not clear that the money came from the TransferWise member themselves. That's why the name on your bank account needs to match the name on your TransferWise profile.

If the money was sent by someone else, it can be refunded to them. Or that person can create an account with us. We don't keep money sent to us when we can't identify it, and we'll always contact the person behind the transaction.


Bank transfer sent to incorrect details

If you think you have sent your bank transfer to incorrect details, you can double check by visiting the Activity section of your TransferWise account. When you click to expand a transfer, we'll show you the details, and let you know if something's not right,.

If there's an error, we send the money back to your account within a day or two. But it would also be useful to contact your bank and notify them of this error.


Incorrect amount sent

If the amount of money you send us via bank transfer doesn't match the amount you selected when you set up your transfer on TransferWise, we'll contact you via email. We'll ask you to either set up a new transfer with us for the correct amount and refund the excess, or send the remaining amount. For very small differences, we can simply amend the existing payment.


Unique reference not included

When you set up transfer, we'll share a unique reference number with you. It'll begin with P or TWSC. When you include it with your bank transfer to us, it helps us identify your payment. If you didn't include it, or you think this may not have been correctly forwarded by the bank, you will need to send us a proof of payment document.


CHF Deposits

When sending a deposit to us from CHF (Swiss Francs), we ask you to include a different reference to other transfers, which can be seen on your payment order. Swiss Banks often have two places to include a reference on a transfer, normally called 'Booking Text' and 'Reason for Payment'. Please enter our reference in 'Reason for Payment'.

If this is entered in 'Booking Text' then our system will not be able to automatically match your deposit to your active transfer and this will be delayed.

We will then ask you for a proof of payment document so we can manually locate your payment in our system. 

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