1 Polish Zloty to New Taiwan Dollar

1 PLN = 7.47771 TWD

Mid-market exchange rate at 07:12 UTC

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Sending 1000.00 PLN withRecipient gets(Total after fees)Transfer feeExchange rate(1 PLN → TWD)
TransferWiseCheapest7347.15 TWDSave up to 485.92 TWD17.46 PLN7.47771
PayPal6861.23 TWD- 485.92 TWD19.94 PLN7.00083

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Polish Zloty New Taiwan Dollar
1 PLN 7.47771 TWD
5 PLN 37.38855 TWD
10 PLN 74.77710 TWD
20 PLN 149.55420 TWD
50 PLN 373.88550 TWD
100 PLN 747.77100 TWD
250 PLN 1869.42750 TWD
500 PLN 3738.85500 TWD
1000 PLN 7477.71000 TWD
2000 PLN 14955.42000 TWD
5000 PLN 37388.55000 TWD
10000 PLN 74777.10000 TWD
New Taiwan Dollar Polish Zloty
1 TWD 0.13373 PLN
5 TWD 0.66865 PLN
10 TWD 1.33731 PLN
20 TWD 2.67462 PLN
50 TWD 6.68655 PLN
100 TWD 13.37310 PLN
250 TWD 33.43275 PLN
500 TWD 66.86550 PLN
1000 TWD 133.73100 PLN
2000 TWD 267.46200 PLN
5000 TWD 668.65500 PLN
10000 TWD 1337.31000 PLN