Political effects on American travel in 2017

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America's changing political landscape is impacting international travel now more than ever.

TransferWise conducted a survey exploring how strongly Americans are inclined to call the U.S. their permanent home, and how the current political environment is impacting U.S. emigration and tourism in the wake of the 2016 presidential election.

The 2017 Anchor Index, which is shown below, measures the president's effect on U.S. emigration

  • 1 in 10 Americans want to move abroad because of the current American political climate

  • The number of people wanting to leave the country, however, has decreased from 2016, which was at 30 percent

  • International vacations are losing appeal too. 47 percent of Americans express they're less likely to travel overseas

Millennials are packing their bags

On why this younger generation are those most open to relocating, TransferWise U.S. General Manager Joe Cross explains:

"Millennials are decidedly self-identifying as global citizens in a more connected world by rejecting the current rhetoric of nativism and entrenched borders. Younger Americans are championing inclusion, multiculturalism and an open world...drawn to opportunities to move abroad for a myriad of reasons: for job opportunities, personal relationships, embracing other cultures and adventures."

Those looking to relocate are America’s largest age group - millennials

And for those on work-enabling visas, nearly 50 percent are considering going abroad within the next five years. This may cause strong concerns over the ability to recruit and keep the best minds focused on driving American businesses forward.

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Here are the survey's key findings:

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