America's immigrant entrepreneurs

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A look at international business owners in the U.S.

Following our recent launch of TransferWise for Business in the U.S., we decided to do some research into the entrepreneurs who have moved to the here to start their own business.

Where are they now?

The city with the most expat business owners is New York City. In fact, 12% of expat business owners are based there.

Another 6% live in Los Angeles and 2% live in Chicago, Dallas, Houston, and Atlanta.

Donald Trump is the most followed entrepreneur on social media

We analyzed aggregated social media interests data from expat business owners living in the U.S. to find out just what they choose to follow online.

When looking at the most popular entrepreneurs, the one that comes out ahead of everyone else is the current Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump, who has 210,000 social media likes.

Not too far behind is the American entrepreneur and talk show host Oprah Winfrey, with 170,000 likes. She's followed by Tory Burch with 120,000 likes and the late Steve Jobs who has 95,000 likes on social media.

Income by nationality

We also researched how much expat immigrants are making a year and broke it down by nationality. On average, the French, on average, have a higher annual household income ($139,791) than the other expat business owners in the country.

Take a look at what else we found below:

All data was obtained by analyzing aggregated and anonymous social media data, trends and likes. Rankings are based on social media followings and do not reflect the views of any of any expat community in its entirety.

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