5 Foods You'll Miss as a Brit Living in the U.S.

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There are over 680,000 Brits living in the U.S. That's a lot of people desperate for a Bacon butty fix.

British food once had a bad reputation, but it’s now a source of pride. The UK currently has the world’s best chefs and more varieties of cheese than even France.

British food is unique and sometimes baffling to the rest of the world. Try explaining marmite, haggis, black pudding, pork scratchings or even prawn cocktail crisps. And now you're Stateside, bear in mind that every time you say 'pie' to someone, they'll think you're trying to order a gigantic pizza or a fruit-filled desert.

So we spoke to some TransferWise customers to find out what foods they missed the most. They might be saving a lot of money each time they send money home with TransferWise, but they can't help missing these five quintessentially British treats:

1. The bacon butty


The only thing better than the smell of a bacon butty is the taste of one.

You only need four ingredients - a roll, butter, bacon and HP sauce. Yet Brits abroad have to persevere for an authentic taste.

In the U.S. a bacon sandwich is pretty normal, although you'll find it harder to get the right roll. Meanwhile, the biggest challenge is bringing home the (correct) bacon.

But only Brits understand the perfect cut includes both loin and belly fat so find a good butcher instead.

2. British chocolate


For a significant number of Brits it simply goes without saying that the best chocolate is obviously Galaxy and Cadbury’s Dairy Milk.

So here's some good news for you: Galaxy is (secretly) available almost everywhere outside the UK, including the U.S., but is hiding under the name ‘Dove’ outside the UK and Ireland.

And even though Cadbury's is not too hard to find, it's simply not the same taste as the UK offering. The only solution in this case, sadly, might be to stock up when you're flying over from home.

3. The Sunday roast


Every other day of the week, it's fine to eat microwaved meals in front of the telly. Sundays, however, are sacred.

It’s the one day that everyone sits around the table with friends and family to catch up over a good roast dinner.

It should include meat, potatoes, vegetables and gravy, but the most important ingredient is having good friends to enjoy it with. No, wait, it’s pork crackling.

The ingredients will be easy to find, especially if you can find a good local butcher.

4. Fish and Chips


You can find fish and chips in some form anywhere, but it’s just not the same.

How should the fish be cooked? Fried in crispy batter. The chips? Thick cut and fried golden (Fish n Fries? Please...) Peas are optional, but must be mushy. Finally, drown everything in enough vinegar to make the paper it’s served in fall apart.

Brits traditionally eat their fish and chips as it starts to rain on a stony beach.

Brits almost never cook this meal themselves. After all, there are almost 10 times as many fish and chip shops in the UK as there are McDonalds. Brits abroad may have to resort to extreme measures however.

All the ingredients are easy to find so check out Jamie Oliver’s recipe. It should help you make friends when you host a dinner party in your new community.

5. The fried breakfast


Breakfast is the most important meal of the day - and the one Brits do best.

Waking up to a fried breakfast is surely one of life’s greatest pleasures, yet that feeling isn’t shared everywhere. Fortunately British newspapers say it’s healthy and it’s not like them to get things wrong.

It usually includes toast, eggs, bacon, sausages, beans, mushrooms and tomatoes.

The one thing that you'll find your American mates really wont understand? Baked beans on the toast. Seriously, this is a source of massive confusion.

Most of the raw ingredients are easy to find in large supermarkets, but head back to your butcher for British-style sausages and bacon. It will definitely be wise to stock up on those Yorkshire Teabags or P.G. Tips while you're at it, if you want the complete breakfast experience.

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