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Good news! The Borderless account has come to Canada.

“We were losing money on conversion rates. And as a growing company, we couldn’t spend a lot on bank fees. Borderless solved all that for us. It’s easy to use, and the service is great.”
- Irina Turcan, founder of Erbology

Borderless makes it cheaper and easier to do business internationally. And it lets you feel at home in more countries you do business in. It gives you:

Local bank details for receiving money in the US, Eurozone, and UK.
Now you can tell colleagues and clients in the US to “just pay into my US account”. If they’re in the Eurozone or UK, tell them to pay into those accounts. It will all look local to them.

Faster, easier, money transfers.
Put some money in your Borderless account, and use it to pay for your next transfer more quickly.

A place to hold 27 currencies at once.
Store 27 different currencies in a single account. Switch between them effortlessly for a small, transparent fee. You’ll always get a great rate.

There are no set-up fees or monthly charges. And it costs you nothing to receive payments.

Less worry, less hassle, and more money in your account. That’s Borderless.

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