A study of Canadians living in New York

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Did you know that there are 21,070 people living in New York who were born in Canada?

We've already researched the social media interests and analyzed census data to for our Study of Canadian expats living in the US. So we decided to dive a bit deeper, and crunch the numbers for Canadians living in the city with the largest number of Canadians in the U.S.: New York City.

From where they are most likely to spend their spare time, to which local sport teams they follow, our study reveals some of the habits and interests of Canadians in NYC. We were able to find this out by analyzing the aggregated social media interests and likes of over 20,000 Facebook profiles for Canadians in New York.

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Take a look at what else we found:

All behavior and interests data was obtained by analyzing social media trends and likes. Rankings are based on social media followings and do not reflect the political views of the entire Canadian expat community.

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