8 Great Bars in Rome

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When in Rome... visit awesome bars.

We've collated some of the best bars in Rome for you to check out. With a range of locations to pick from, you can sit back with a beer in a lounge-like setting, or sip on some bubbly out in a courtyard garden.

Apartment Bar - paradise garden

Like a living room with twinkling lights.

Equipped with 70’s retro jumble décor and a faux fireplace, this bar hosts eclectic events including live DJ Aperitivo and experimental DJ nights. These cocktail professionals also know how to make some tasty tipples. ‘Paradise Garden’, the rooftop oasis of canopies and tropical plants, is not to be missed.

Argot - rebuilt, recycled and redesigned old theatre

So much love for the quirky decor.

A unique, speakeasy inspired cocktail bar with a homey feel. Argot offers warm, friendly vibes steeped in sleek, vintage nostalgia. Events, live music every weekends, and a quirky, intimate ambience makes Argot a great place for sipping cocktails amongst some soul, jazz and blues.

Stravinskij Bar - oh so chic

Rub shoulders with young starlets and visiting movie stars.

Sip bubbly from the lush purple armchairs inside, or the delightful courtyard garden outside. Though a little pricey, Rocco Forte's uber-luxe Hotel de Russie does offer award-winning cocktails (from €19). Health-conscious drinkers can opt for the bar's signature alcohol-free cocktails. The gorgeously lush "secret" garden, just a short stroll uphill from the courtyard, adds a wonderfully green and leafy charm to the experience.

Colosseum Pub Crawl - gladiators, are you ready?!

Because several pubs are better than one.

A unique and vibrant way to get to know Rome at night. Available every night of the week. Yes, every night. Remember to bring your ID, and long trousers and closed shoes if you're a guy. Expect an open bar, free t-shirts, and pizza - a winning combination.

Cioccolata e Vino - guilty pleasures

Combining chocolate and wine - what's not to like?

With a mix books, spirits, coffee, chocolate and innuendo this certainly makes for a fun stop on a night out. Their specialty drink is a chocolate cup filled with liquor and topped with whipped cream and other delights. The piano and library are nice touches.

Ice Bar - Brrrrrrrrrrr

Definitely one for the novelty value.

For €15 (a free vodka cocktail is included), you can put on a thermal cloak and mittens, and enter the ice bar. Even the drinks are served in cups made of ice. It's better to visit in summer when you want to cool off! Most won’t chill here long – the record is held by a Russian (four hours).

Bar del Fico - deliberately informal

Breakfast and booze - an all day experience.

A dairy in a former life. Bar del Fico takes its name from the fig tree that emerges unapologetically from the foundations of the building. The bar enjoys a certain transition, shaded chess play well into the afternoon before Romans and visitors take over the nocturnal shift. Its Sunday brunch (12.30 to 3pm) is a particularly popular appointment.

Jerry Thomas Speakeasy - true 20s style

You may have passed one of the best cocktail bars in Rome without knowing it.

Ring the bell and a peephole is opened. You'll need a password and previous booking to get behind the inconspicuous door. Inside, the plush interior is decorated with vintage couches and filled with live jazz. The delicious drinks and relaxed ambiance make this the perfect spot for date night - just don’t forget the password!

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