8 essential apps for expats in Berlin

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New to living in Berlin?

Getting setup in a new city always has its difficulties. From learning the local language (and slang!) to getting around town - every city is different. But, if you've got a smartphone, we've got you covered. Here are our top apps for navigating expat life in Berlin:

Berlin Subway

The quickest way to get about town, Berlin's subway is super efficient (as you'd expect). This app lets you plan your journey, save favourite routes and even syncs up with TripAdvisor to find great places nearby.

Download for iPhone and Android.


Struggling with your German? Duolingo can help (although getting used to the accent is on you!). This great app makes learning a new language (or improving your language skills) super easy. And if it's not the one for you, check out our blog on the best language learning apps here.

Duolingo is available for iPhone and Android.


Moving house? Moving out? Roadtrip? Having a car can be expensive, but with DriveNow you don't need to own a car to be able to use one. With cars available for rent by the minute across Europe it's the easy way to find, rent and return a car.

Download for iPhone and Android.


Need to setup a bank account? Probably. Number26 is a bank account for the mobile era - it's mobile first banking with all the perks of the latest technology: mobility, security, real-time updates and convenience. Plus, international transfers are provided by TransferWise within the app.

Available for iPhone and Android.


An essential aid for exploring in Berlin (and more and more cities around the world!) is CityMapper. Simply put in your location, destinations and choose how you want to get there. The app does the rest.

Available for iPhone and Android.


Berlin has some excellent eateries. And now, with Deliveroo, you can get your grub delivered. This isn't just normal takeaway food - so if you're missing your home cuisine have a browse on the app to track down the best local restaurants.

Available on iOS and Android.

Time Out

Berlin has some of the best nightlife in Europe. But you already knew that. Time Out is a great resources for finding Berlin's best things to do, restaurants, theatre and nightlife - all in one place. Download it for iOS and Android.

And finally... TransferWise

Sending or receiving money from abroad? TransferWise is the fast, fair new way - this is how it works:

Download it for Android or iOS and start saving!

TransferWise is the smart, new way to send money abroad.

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