7 best bars in Amsterdam

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With a limitless supply of bars in Amsterdam, it can be hard to decide which is worth the visit.

We've put together a list of the best bars in Amsterdam. Whether you're looking for a cosy speakeasy or an internationally renowned club, you've come to the right place._

Vesper Bar - tea with a twist

For that shaken-not-stirred kind of vibe.
The kitsch and sophisticated décor presents James Bond memorabilia featured between fine liqueurs and pop art prints. On Saturday and Sunday afternoons, the bar offers "high tea cocktails"; a quirky alcoholic twist on traditional high tea featuring cakes from neighbouring bakeries and teapots of cocktails.

Paradiso - former church

One of the most popular alternative music venues in Amsterdam.

Paradiso regularly offers concerts from world famous international bands as well as smaller gigs from indie bands and local artists. Also, every year a number of festivals take root in the main hall. Useful tip: buy tickets from the venue's website and not the band's, as it is not always guaranteed that the venue will recognise tickets from other sources.

Door74 - Bespoke Concoctions

Hidden away behind an unmarked door on a busy street.

Don’t let having to make a reservation put you off. This charming prohibition themed bar has the requisite hidden door, antique barware, tin ceiling and sophisticated atmosphere. The comprehensive cocktail list is updated four times a year and includes a cocktail of the day.

Brouwerij 't IJ - windmill brewery

Perhaps the most beloved micro in the city.

Perhaps the most beloved micro in the city. Although a little outside the city center, it’s worth a visit. Brouwerij 't IJ brews beer in a thatched windmill that towers over a terrace. There's cheap prices (most €2.30) and the choice of five high-percentage beers. Oh and try not to get too spinmilled. Yes, the locals even have a term for the state of newcomers who stumble (or sometimes crawl) away from the place.

House of Bols - an interactive, alcoholic journey. What's not to love?

Discover the secrets of all 36 Bols liqueurs and genevers.

Start your tour in the Tasting Hall and Genever Room, and end in the Mirror Bar where bartenders whip up a Bols cocktail of your choice. The first drink is included in the entry price, but you can enjoy a second drink for just 5 euros. Finally want to master those bottle-flipping skills? Stop by the Flair Booth to pick up some new tricks.

Hiding in Plain Sight - creative cocktails

Great speak-easy atmosphere.

Decor includes leather-couch seating, chalkboards full of chemistry notations, bookshelves and worn curiosities like an antique radio, pinned butterflies and pocket-watch motifs. It's loved for cocktail creations like The Flying Dutchman, and 'The Walking Dead' (which features cinnamon sprinkles that crackle and spark as the drink is set on fire at your table).

5&33 - bar/ library/ lounge/ gallery

A place where foodies and art lovers can come together.

The full programme of art and events is free to enter. Try a signature house beer or one of the many inventive cocktails that feature unusual aromatic ingredients like sage and violets. Be sure to check out the interactive art curtain - it’s one of the largest permanent interactive installations in Europe.

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