Paying by card

Paying by card

For some currencies, you can pay for your transfer by debit or credit card. You can pay with Visa, Mastercard and some Maestro cards that have a 16-digit card number.

Like a bank transfer, the money must come from your own bank account. So, the name on your card must match the name on your TransferWise account. If it doesn't, your transfer will be delayed and we may have to cancel it.

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Debit, credit, and deferred debit
How to make a card payment
Paying with an international card
Unsuccessful card payments
Cancelling your card payment
Paying with a new card
Additional notes

Currency Maximum amount Fees Business card fee
GBP 10,000 GBP See fast and easy transfers Debit – 0.3%
See fast and easy transfers Credit – 2.3%
EUR 2,500 EUR See fast transfers Debit – 1.7%
See fast transfers Credit – 2.7%
USD* Daily limit (per 24hrs): 2,000 USD Debit – 0.75% Debit – 0.75%
Weekly limit: 8,000 USD Credit – 3.4% Credit – 3.4%
CHF 3,500 CHF Visa debit – 0.6% Debit – 2.25%
Visa credit – 0.65% Credit – 2.5%
Mastercard debit – 1.45%  
Mastercard credit – 2.45%  
DKK 20,000 DKK See fast and easy transfers Debit – 2.15%
See fast and easy transfers Credit – 2.45%
NOK 20,000 NOK See fast and easy transfers Debit – 1.6%
See fast and easy transfers Credit – 2.3%
SEK 116,000 SEK See fast and easy transfers Debit – 2.15%
See fast and easy transfers Credit – 2.3%
BGN 22,000 BGN See fast and easy transfers Debit – 1.45%
See fast and easy transfers Credit – 2.25%
CZK 300,000 CZK See fast and easy transfers Debit – 1.7%
See fast and easy transfers Credit – 2.25%
HRK 85,000 HRK See fast and easy transfers Debit – 0.9%
See fast and easy transfers Credit – 2.3%
HUF 780,000 HUF See fast and easy transfers Debit – 2%
See fast and easy transfers Credit – 2%
PLN 10,000 PLN See fast and easy transfers Debit – 0.4%
See fast and easy transfers Credit – 2.2%
RON 55,000 RON Debit – 0.55% Debit – 0.9%
Credit – 0.55% Credit – 2.2%
AUD 18,000 AUD Visa debit – 0.4% Debit – 0.45%
Visa credit – 0.9%
Mastercard debit – 0.25% Credit – 1.2%
Mastercard credit – 0.85%
NZD 10,000 NZD All types – 1.8% All types – 1.8%
CAD 3,000 CAD Debit – 2.05% Debit – 3.15%
Credit – 2.7% Credit – 3.15%
HKD 20,000 HKD Debit  2.8% Debit - 2.95%
Credit – 2.8% Credit – 2.95%
SGD 16,000 SGD Debit – 2.65% Debit – 2.8%
Credit – 2.8% Credit – 2.8%
JPY** 270,000 JPY Visa debit – 3.25% Visa debit – 3.25%
Mastercard debit – 3.1% Mastercard debit – 3.1%

*Card payments for USD aren't available for customers who live in unlicensed states (Nevada and Hawaii).

**Card payments for JPY are only available after completing Japanese ID and address verification.

TransferWise charges an extra fee for business cards. This is because card companies charge us more to process payments from business cards. We don't make a profit from this extra fee.

We charge this fee based on whether the card you use is a business card. It doesn't matter if you're using your personal or business account. Here's a list of business cards that we charge a fee for.

If you don't want to pay an extra fee for using a business card, you can make a bank transfer to us instead. 

Debit, credit, and deferred debit

It's usually cheaper to use a regular debit card to pay for your transfer, as credit cards have a higher fee due to processing costs.

Depending on your card and issuing bank, credit card payments (and very occasionally, debit card) can be interpreted by your bank as a cash withdrawal, and they may charge you additional bank fees.

Unfortunately we can't know this in advance, but the bank that issued your card should be able to give you more information.

If you have a deferred debit card, we'll charge you the same fee as a credit card. This is because banks treat them in the same way as credit cards, and charge the same fees on their end. 

Paying with an international card

You can use a debit or credit card that's in a different currency from the one you're sending, or a card that was issued in a country we don't otherwise support. This applies to all the currencies we support, except when you send money between GBP and European currencies. For example, you can transfer money from NZD with your Singaporean credit card.

We add a 3% fee to cover this type of payment, and your bank may charge you an extra fee, too. And when you pay with a card that's not American to send USD, the fee is 3.4%.

How to make a card payment

When you reach the final step of setting up your transfer, you'll see debit card as a payment option — as long as your payment is within the card limit for your currency. 

At this stage we'll ask for:

  • Card number (16 Digits)

  • Expiry date (MM/YY)

  • CVV/CVC number (the last 3 digits of the number printed on the signature strip on the back of the card)

  • Registered address of this card (only the first time you use the card)

Once you've entered these details and hit Pay, you may be taken to the 3D Secure (3DS) authentication screen.

Once you've completed the 3DS process and the payment has been approved and completed by your bank,
 you'll be taken to our payment confirmation screen.

Unsuccessful card payments

If for some reason your card payment didn't work, you should see an error message.

The issue may be linked to the 3DS of the card, your bank blocking the payment, TransferWise not supporting your type of card, insufficient funds in your bank account, or a technical issue.

If the payment doesn't work and no money leaves your account, you can try again by re-entering your card details and completing the 3DS process.

Learn more about why card payments might fail

Cancelling your card payment

If you need to cancel a transfer that was paid for with debit or credit card, find the transfer in the Activity section of your account, and click Cancel transfer. Once cancelled, debit card refunds can take up to 10 working days to process, but are usually back in your account in 2–3 working days.

Additional notes

SecurityAll your data is encrypted. We process your card payments in our secure debit card processor. We never save the CVV/CVC number. You'll need to confirm this every time you make a card payment.

Maestro/Solo cards: You should be able to use a regular Maestro or Solo card when paying on TransferWise. It must have a 16-digit card number and, regardless of the currency you're paying in, it must be 3D secure. If the card number has less than 16 digits, or if it contains letters, you can't use it with TransferWise.

Girocards: Unfortunately, as Girocards have no CVV number, you can't use them to pay for a transfer. But you can use an account that has a Girocard linked to it — just make a bank transfer or SOFORT payment to us instead.

Paying in a different currency or country:
You can pay with a card that's nominated in another currency or was issued in another country. While you can use, say, a GBP-denominated card for a EUR payment, we don't recommend it. If you do this, your bank will convert the money before sending it to us. They'll charge you a conversion fee to do this, so your transfer will be more expensive. 

Potential fees: TransferWise can accept some debit cards issued by other providers. With some supported debit cards, there may be an additional 0.3% handling fee because of different processing methods for these cards. If this is the case, we'll always tell you before you pay for your transfer. 

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