How do you determine your fees?

How do you determine your fees?

To see exactly how much your transfer could cost, visit our pricing page. Or read on for a bit more detail on how we work the price of your transfer out.

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How we work out the cost of a transfer
How much a transfer costs depends on three things — the amount you’re sending, how you pay, and the exchange rate. 

The amount you’re sending
The more money you send, the more your transfer costs. That’s because the TransferWise fee is worked out as a percentage of the amount you’re sending  The percentage varies from currency to currency, and you can check it on our pricing page. The exception to this is if you’re sending a small amount of money, in which case there’s a cheap, minimum fee. 

How you pay
There are different ways to pay depending on the country you’re sending from. You’ll see how much each payment method or type of transfer costs when you set up your transfer.

The exchange rate
You always get the exchange rate you’d see on Google. It’s called the mid-market rate, and it’s the one banks use to trade between themselves. Because we never mark this rate up, your recipient gets more money at the other end. 

The mid-market exchange rate is always moving. So for some of our currencies, you can lock in the rate you see when you set your transfer up — and you’re guaranteed to get it, as long as you pay for your transfer in a stated timeframe (normally 24 or 48 hours). You can read more about guaranteed rates here.

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