Bye bye bank fees, hello world.

You could save up to 8x compared to a bank when you send money, get paid in other currencies, or spend abroad on the TransferWise debit Mastercard.


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This can't be less than 10 BRL.
  • 3.86 BRLfee (including IOF)

    IOF Tax

    The IOF tax included is 0.05 BRL. It’s based on the rate for people who send BRL to themselves (1.1%). If you send to someone else, the IOF rate is lower (0.38%), and your price will be lower.

  • 1.14 BRLAmount we’ll convert
  • ×1 RON = 0.91 BRLCommercial rate

    Commercial rate (guaranteed rate)

    You’ll get this rate as long as we receive your 5 BRL within the next 48 hours.
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  • 1 RON = 3.97 BRLTotal Effective Value (VET)

    Total Effective Value (VET)

    To give you a single value that you can compare to other services, total value combines the exchange rate, the Tax on Financial Operations (IOF), and the price charged.

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Smart tech and sharp thinking are disrupting high-street banks

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TransferWise is looking to use the internet to spark a digital revolution in current financial services.

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TransferWise takes a machete to the hefty fees that banks levy to send money across borders.

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