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Unlike most banks, TransferWise uses the real exchange rate for sending money — just like the one used by Google or Reuters. Combine that with a low, upfront fee, and you get international transfers that are cheap, fair and transparent.

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How sending money with TransferWise works

Enter an amount and tell us where it’s going

Tell us who you’re sending to, and what currency they need. If you’re sending a lot of money, we might need to run a few identity checks.

Pay in by card or make a local bank transfer

Pay into TransferWise’s bank account in the country you’re sending from. You’ll see the fees upfront, and we’ll convert your money at the mid-market rate.

Your recipient gets paid into their bank account

Next, TransferWise’s account in your recipient’s country pays the money straight into their account. Your money never crosses borders.

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Frequently asked questions

You can see the full breakdown of fees for your transfer route on our pricing page.

TransferWise only charges you a low service fee and uses the real, mid-market exchange rate for conversion. The fee is taken from the money that you send to us. The rest is converted and sent to your recipient.

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