1 Malaysian Ringgit to Bangladeshi Taka

1 MYR = 19.86790 BDT

Mid-market exchange rate at 08:29 UTC

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Sending 1000.00 MYR withRecipient gets(Total after fees)Transfer feeExchange rate(1 MYR → BDT)
TransferWiseCheapest19437.76 BDTSave up to 1873.56 BDT21.65 MYR19.8679
Maybank19073.06 BDT- 364.70 BDT10.00 MYR19.2657
UOB MY18776.24 BDT- 661.52 BDT27.00 MYR19.2973
Public Bank Berhad18622.80 BDT- 814.96 BDT32.00 MYR19.2384
Hong Leong18490.16 BDT- 947.60 BDT20.00 MYR18.8675

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Malaysian Ringgit Bangladeshi Taka
1 MYR 19.86790 BDT
5 MYR 99.33950 BDT
10 MYR 198.67900 BDT
20 MYR 397.35800 BDT
50 MYR 993.39500 BDT
100 MYR 1986.79000 BDT
250 MYR 4966.97500 BDT
500 MYR 9933.95000 BDT
1000 MYR 19867.90000 BDT
2000 MYR 39735.80000 BDT
5000 MYR 99339.50000 BDT
10000 MYR 198679.00000 BDT
Bangladeshi Taka Malaysian Ringgit
1 BDT 0.05033 MYR
5 BDT 0.25166 MYR
10 BDT 0.50333 MYR
20 BDT 1.00665 MYR
50 BDT 2.51663 MYR
100 BDT 5.03326 MYR
250 BDT 12.58315 MYR
500 BDT 25.16630 MYR
1000 BDT 50.33260 MYR
2000 BDT 100.66520 MYR
5000 BDT 251.66300 MYR
10000 BDT 503.32600 MYR