TransferWise account pricing.

Whether you’re sending, spending, or receiving money with TransferWise, this is your place for all things pricing.

Transparent pricing, always.

With a TransferWise account you pay a small fee to add money to your balances and convert between currencies in your account. There's a small fee to send money from your account to a bank account. We never, ever inflate the exchange rate.

It's free to get a TransferWise account and debit card.

It's also free to get bank details, hold multiple currencies, and get paid from around the world.

Account pricing
Creating your account Free
Hold 40+ currency balances Free
Get a UK account number and sort code Free
Get a European IBAN Free
Get a U.S. routing and wiring number Free
Get an Australian account and BSB number Free
Get a New Zealand account number Free
Receive money in EUR, USD, GBP, AUD & NZD Free
Convert currencies


Add money to your account

0.2% (Direct debit)

Card pricing
TransferWise debit Mastercard® Free
Spend in currencies in your account Free
Convert a currency using your card


ATM withdrawals up to $250 / 30 days Free
ATM withdrawals over $250 / 30 days


Spend in rare currencies

Mastercard rate

The TransferWise debit Mastercard® is issued by Community Federal Savings Bank, member FDIC, pursuant to a license from MasterCard International. Other features of the borderless account are provided by TransferWise Inc. pursuant to its state licenses.

Low currency conversion fees.

When you convert currencies in your account you'll always get the real, mid-market exchange rate. Like the one you see on Google.

The conversion fee depends on the currency you're converting, but in most cases it'll be less than 1%.

Route Conversion fee
USD → EUR 0.45%
USD → GBP 0.45%
USD → CAD 0.53%
USD → INR 0.60%
USD → BRL 1.28%
USD → MXN 0.61%
Route Conversion fee
EUR → GBP 0.41%
EUR → INR 0.56%
EUR → USD 0.41%
GBP → AUD 0.37%
GBP → EUR 0.37%
GBP → USD 0.37%

For more currency routes visit our help center

4x cheaper than your average bank card.

An independent researcher compared TransferWise to 5 other US bank accounts and PayPal. They found that we’re up to 4x cheaper for spending abroad, 12x time cheaper to send money abroad, and 6x cheaper to take out money from an ATM.

Compare the costs

Monthly account fees
TransferWise Free
Chase $12
Citibank $12
Bank of America $12
Wells Fargo $10
Send $250 to EUR
TransferWise $2.35
Chase $12.44
Citibank $42.65
Bank of America $41.87
Wells Fargo $43.84
Spend $250 on debit card in EUR
TransferWise $1.62
Chase $7.50
Citibank $7.50
Bank of America $7.50
Wells Fargo $7.50
Withdraw $250 cash / month in EUR
TransferWise Free
Chase $12.50
Citibank $10
Bank of America $12.50
Wells Fargo $12.50

For expats like me this is a total game-changer.

Sophie, lives in Sydney

Money without borders, for people without borders.

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