The 7 best bars in Paris (for every kind of night out)

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We've found Paris' best bars so you don't have to. Whether you're living in Paris or just visiting - the city has bars and venues for every kind of night-out. From live music to roof top cocktails to Mexican wrestling - make sure you check out our 7 favourites below.

Comptoir General - for relaxed drinks

The dark street off Canal Saint Martin you have to walk down to get to this converted barn is only the start of the adventure; once you’re inside there is so much to explore.

There’s a postcolonial feel to this place with African artifacts scattered around the mishmash collection of furniture. Tropical plants sprawl out of the ground and walls which give it the feel of a makeshift jungle bar. In fact, this place is not just a bar, it’s a self-proclaimed ‘ghetto museum', ‘concept store’ and a ‘true urban amusement park.’ The cocktails are really tasty and not too overpriced. The jazz and blues playing out fits the relaxed, unpretentious atmosphere. There is even a cabinet of curiosities with skeletons and stuffed animals. Tasty West-African food on offer too.

Showcase - live music in an incredible location

Showcase is an institution. It probably has the best location of any club in Paris, occupying converted boat hangars under Pont Alexandre III.

Step out of the back of the club, and you'll find yourself on the bank of the River Seine looking up at the Eiffel tower. But it’s not just the the terrace that draws in the huge crowds; this place has a great sound-system and attracts some of Europe’s top DJs and bands. Don’t be surprised if the sun is up by the time it comes to leave.

Batofar - party on a boat

Partying on a boat. What's not to like?

Step onto this barge during the day and you can feel it rocking gently as other boats go past. Come aboard at night and you can feel it rocking wildly as the young crowd inside dance to everything from underground hip-hop to electro to jungle. The venue is known to bring in internationally renowned bands and DJs, but there’s a great intimate feel to the performances.

Moonshiner - the hidden gem

Moonshiner takes “hidden gem” to the next level.

To get inside you have to walk through an Italian restaurant and push through the metal door of its walk-in fridge. Behind it you’ll find a prohibition-style speakeasy, serving up delicious cocktails - hidden discreetly inside books of course - and offering an incredible 83 different whiskies. The authenticity is maintained throughout the bar with retro jazz playing out of a gramophone.

L'urgence - ...?

L’urgence (the emergency room) is not your average bar.

As you can probably guess from its name, you’re likely to find stethoscopes and x-rays knocking about. And the fun cocktails are conveniently served in baby bottles. This place is truly unique and definitely worth checking out.

La Lucha Libre - wrestling + tequila = great night?

This small Spanish-Mexican bar has shedloads of character.

There are tequila shots and mojitos to bring out your inner Latin spirit but if that’s not enough you can head downstairs for the main attraction. La Lucha Libre translates to ‘Freestyle Wrestling’ which makes sense when you’ve seen the ring in the basement. For a few euros you can get yourself into a giant sumo suit and battle it out with a buddy.

Bar le Perchoir - rooftop cocktails with incredible views

Even if you know about this place it can still be tricky to find; you could easily walk past the unmarked entrance.

When you eventually locate it you walk through a courtyard to a lift that will take you up to the rooftop bar on 7th floor. Up there you’ll find comfy sofas and some of the best views of the capital. Get there in time to sip wine while the sun sets over Montmatre.

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