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People and businesses all over the world use TransferWise to avoid big bank fees and week-long international wires when they send, spend, and receive money abroad. Over 4 million people now move $4 billion every month with us. They save $3 million in bank fees every day — by using TransferWise rather than their bank.

We opened in the US in 2015, and are racing with the demand as more Americans have started to realize how our banks are collecting hidden fees from us. But this is still just the early days of our mission; more than 90% of US businesses and locals are still using their bank for international money.

We have lots of open roles in our NYC and Tampa offices. We’re looking to fill some particularly big shoes in NYC; there are descriptions of some roles below.

Engineering lead

You’ll lead the North America product engineering team. You’ll work with and coach the technical leads on our banking, payment processing, verification, compliance, and marketing teams.

Together, these teams own the entire TransferWise user experience for our US and Canadian customers. They focus on making transfers even faster, easier and cheaper. If you can help them reach those goals, apply on the job post.

Product manager

If you have a product design background, experience bringing digital products and user experiences to life, or a data-driven skill set, this one’s for you. Apply on the job post.

Bank relationships builder

A big part of the TransferWise experience starts from the terms and connections we negotiate with banks around the world. If you have worked in the technical details of payment schemes and negotiated with financial services, you should be able to have impact here. Apply on the job post.

Payment operations lead (Tampa, FL)

Our operators make sure that 1000s of payments reach their destination every hour. You'll need the experience of leading a team in time-critical operational roles, preferably in payments or finance. Apply on the job post.

Most importantly - if none of this fits you, who are your friends who could help us make TransferWise even better in US and Canada?

PS! Have a look through what we brought to our users in the last quarter.

TransferWise is the smart, new way to send money abroad.

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