A look into French expats living in Canada

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More than 130,000 French expats call Canada their new home

Québec's largest city, Montréal, is home to the highest number of French expats in the country. Out of the total French expat population in Canada, 48% live in Montréal. The French also make up 4% percent of this city's entire population.

Trudeau over all

Aggregating anonymous social media data from all the French expats living in Canada we were able to find out just who, and what, the French prefer to follow online.

The data tells us that French President François Hollande falls behind Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by a huge margin. The difference between the two is more than 9,000 social media likes in Trudeau's favor.

Further behind is Manuel Valls, France's Prime Minister since 2014. Valls receives only 290 likes from the French living in Canada.

Gad Elmaleh and the Beliebers

Taking a look at the most popular celebrities, athletes and brands, the French come out ahead across the board in terms of social media popularity.

The only exception is when comparing the likes of Moroccan French stand-up comedian, Gad Elmaleh, and Canadian singer superstar, Justin Bieber. Both celebrities receive 13,000 likes from French expats.

But what about their new professions? What about their favorite brands? Take a look below to see what else we found.

All behavior and interests data was obtained by analyzing social media trends and likes. Rankings are based on social media followings and do not reflect the political views of the entire French expat community.

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