Flying a new flag - the Fast Flag

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For too long we've been overcharged and underserved by the old world of banking.

We invented TransferWise 3 years ago to change this. A part of it at least, and what's happened since has been humbling.

People now use TransferWise in more than 40 countries. Each day proving that you don't need to play by the old rules.

What we, all of us, have created is a movement. And every movement needs a symbol.

So today we fly a new flag - the Fast Flag.

A flag for everyone who's already said bye bye to bank fees. And all the people who one day will too.

The fact is, you don't need banks to move money. Just a community of like minds, willing to be part of something new. People on TransferWise prove that. You've re-invented how money moves between countries. Without banks. Faster, safer, for a fraction of the cost.

The Fast Flag flies for the power of people.

That they can change old unfair regimes.

For a world where the old rules don't apply.

For a new set of rules based on fairness and honesty.

For conquering the old world of money.

And for building a new one.

For everyone.

Welcome to Money Without Borders.

Taavet & Kristo

Founders of TransferWise.

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