What are the limits for sending BRL, when I live in Brazil?

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How much money can I send from Brazil with TransferWise?

The limits depend on your payment method, and income and assets.

When you pay with boleto.
Your monthly limit is R$ 9.000,00.
That means that in one month you can make as many transfers as you want until you reach R$ 9.000,00.

When you pay by bank transfer (TED).
You can send up to R$ 30.000,00 per transfer.
That means you can make as many transfers of up to R$ 30.000,00 as you want, even on the same day.

When you hit a limit, we need to verify you before you send more money.

If the only payment method you’ve ever used is boleto, and you’ve sent R$ 30.000,00 in the past fiscal year (April to April), we may ask you to pay with a bank transfer (TED) from a bank account in your name so that we can ensure that you have access to one.

If you’ve made at least one payment by bank transfer (TED), and you’ve sent R$ 50.000,00 in the past fiscal year (April to April), we’ll need documents that verify your address and income.

Once we’ve looked at your documents, we’ll calculate a new BRL send limit for you, based on your income and assets.

That means that if you sent us your Income Tax Declaration, you can send the equivalent of your total liquid assets until the end of this fiscal year (April through March).

If you want to send more BRL than your limit, you’ll have to send us more documents that show more income and assets.

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