A study of the French living in New York

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Did you know that there are more than 19,000 people living in New York who were born in France?

We have already seen how making the move across the Atlantic has changed the French, in our study of Les Français living in the US. But what about the ones who call New York their new home, the city with the largest concentration of them in the U.S.?

Well we found that when it comes to where they live in the Big Apple, 61% have chosen to reside in Manhattan. They are also most likely to be in the Management industry and are fans of the Museum of Modern Art.

Some things will always be hard to get used to when moving to a new country (see our guide on Adjusting to life as a French expat in the US). But that doesn't mean that American culture, or New York culture for that matter, is not becoming second nature for the French. For example, Alicia Keys, Lenny Kravitz and Lady Gaga are among their most liked New Yorker celebrities. Scroll down to see how that compares to the French stars they follow!

Gathering data from a combination of the US Census and a collection of more than 19,000 Facebook profiles, we've uncovered exactly what French expats in New York are interested in. From which presidential candidate is most followed - Clinton or Trump - to which sports team is most popular (hint: it's not a traditional sport found in France!), here's our study of the French in NYC.

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