A study of Mexicanos living in the US

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Did you know that there are 11,714,489 people living in the US who were born in Mexico?

We did some research to find out as much as we could about Mexican expats here in the US. And we think we found some pretty interesting stuff.

It’s no surprise that Los Angeles is home to the largest concentration of Mexicans. However, the city of Mission, Texas, which lies on the border of the Rio Grande, is where you are most likely to run into a Mexican expat. For every 4 people you meet here, at least one was born in Mexico!

Pulling in data from over 8 million social media profiles, we were able to determine just what interests Mexican expats who live in the US.

They prefer Budweiser to Corona, Fanta to Jarritos and Floyd Mayweather to Julio Cesar Chavez. Showing that they have no problem adapting to US culture.

Take a look further down to see what else we found!

mexicans in usa infographic

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