A study of Germans living in New York

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Did you know that there are more than 18,000 people living in New York who were born in Germany?

Having previously done research into German expats living in the US, we decided to delve into data from the US Census and over 14,000 Facebook profiles of Germans living in New York City to find out more.

So what did we find out? Well, Germans in New York are most likely to live in Manhattan, although nearly a quarter are settling in Queens. When it comes to jobs they are most likely to work in management or media and entertainment.

When it comes to culture and sport, expat Germans are clearly embracing their adopted city: New Yokers such as Lenny Kravitz, Adam Sandler and Lady Gaga are all highly popular, while the Yankees, Knicks and Mets are among the most followed sports teams. However, nothing competes with FC Bayern for popularity!

What about politics? The US presidential candidate with the most likes among German expats is New Yorker Donald Trump, edging out former New York Senator Hillary Clinton. But how do they compare to Angela Merkel...?

So while there will always be things that are hard to get used to (see: adjusting to life in the US as a German expat), it seems like the Germans have adjusted well to the New York way of life.

Take a look below at what else we found!

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