8 Essential Apps for Expats in Rome

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The 'Eternal City' of Rome forever shines bright as Italy’s capital. If you’d truly like to experience life in Rome and ‘_do as the Romans do’_, here’s a selection of top apps designed to help you on your way.


Scooterino is Rome’s very own ‘Uber for scooters’. Use this app if you’re in need of a quick and fun ride somewhere. Scooterino is a cheap and cheerful way to get around Rome. Simply hail a scooter with the app, add your journey details, and pay with your phone. A scooterist will pick you up and whisk you to your destination, in true Roman style. It’s a great option if you want to take a more scenic route, and explore the roads of Rome in an exciting way.

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The Fork

A TripAdvisor App, The Fork is a must have for any Rome food fan. It give you reviews of the best eateries - and discounts in many of them. You can also reserve tables within the App - perfect if you're still polishing your Italian.

Download it for iOS and Android.

StreetArt Roma

As a thriving city of art and culture, Rome has a good mix of old and new. With StreetArt Roma, you can get a first-hand glimpse of the modern street-art proving to be popular with tourists and locals alike. This art-locator app allows you to discover the closest streetart murals and sites. Each location comes with a description and details on the artist.

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Yelp's directory app brings the best of Rome to your smartphone. From banks to cafes, libraries to gyms, shops to schools - Yelp has it all. You can search through which places have current deals, and get all the essential details through the user-generated reviews. Get acquainted with your local area using this helpful app, and never again worry about places you should know - because with Yelp, you will know.

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Learn Italian

The Learn Italian app is the perfect companion to help you brush up on your Italian-speaking skills. With Learn Italian, it’s possible to record your pronunciation for comparison until you get it right and you can download key phrases for offline listening. You can also use it to learn specific phrases for future conversations. Verdict? A loaded app with a bunch of helpful features.

Download on iOS or Android For more read our blog on the best language apps here.


Eventbrite is the ultimate event app, and provides a great way to meet people through the variety of activities available. It is ideal if you’re looking for monthly professional networking events or seminars around Rome. If you’re searching for cultural events and parties too, Eventbrite is the place to reserve your tickets. There’s a mixture of paid-for and free activities, so peruse according to your tastes for the perfect event to attend.

Download Eventbrite on iOS or Android

Muoversi a Roma

This transportation app helps you plan your journeys with slick precision. Travel across Rome with the latest updates and information, so you’re always aware of the best routes to take. Bookmark key stations and stops so it’s easier to find your destination. If you’re stuck waiting a stop, you can even enter the details to get an exact update of your bus’ arrival time. With all its useful features, it’s easy to see why Mouversi a Roma is a firm favourite with the people of Rome. Get it on iOS or Android

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