7 great bars in Brussels

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There's no shortage of bars to choose from in Brussels - we've picked out the best that are really worth a visit.

Pick from a selection that includes a puppet filled pub, a decked out church, and a venue that offers over 3000 beers. Your choice.

Poechenellekelder - unusual decor

It can get a little busy as it located right next to the famous Manneken Pis.

The place is filled with an eclectic mix of pictures, bric a brac and strange looking mannequins - it's worth a visit just to see these. It has a great, casual atmosphere and quick service.

Delirium - 3000 beers

Yes, they have over 3000 different beers from around the world.

Delirium is a must to visit during your Brussels visit, even if it's just for one beer. With all the choice, it's hard to pick, but explain to the barman what you're after and he'll help out. Just be aware that service can get slow when the place gets busy.

Au Bon Vieux Temps - like a church

This quaint bar has been here for over 300 years.

The interior looks like an ancient Gothic church, complete with stained glass windows. It is almost a religious experience to enter this small bar and have a beer. Beautiful artwork, ornate woodwork, and old fireplace adorn the surroundings.

Spirito - actually a church

Located in an old anglican church.

Beautifully decorated in crystal and gold, Spirito offers a huge dance floor in an incredible ambience. There are three different bars at your disposal. On the ground floor, you can find the " Carré Dom Pérignon ", where you can enjoy your night in a private lounge.

Goupil le Fol - weird and wonderful

Better seen than described.

A walk through this bar has been described as 'acid-tripping your way through a sensory overload of rambling passageways, ragged old sofas and inexplicable beverages'. Considered a good date spot by most, you can treat your guest to a curious choice of madly fruit-flavoured wines. Note that no beer is available.

Music Village - jazz house

If you like jazz, this place is a must.

100-seat venue housed in two 17th-century buildings. Music Village is casual and relaxed, a good atmosphere but not noisy. Performers squeeze onto a small podium that’s visible from any seat. Booking is advised.

La Fleur en Papier Dore - literary landmark

If you have wandered as far as Manneken Pis, walk a bit further - it's worth it.

The unique bar is a favourite amongst locals and immersed in history. The tiny café walls are covered with writings, art and scribbles by Magritte and his surrealist friends. Some were supposedly traded for free drinks. There's a good selection of beers and very friendly service.

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