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Give yourself a pat on the back - you’ve found the fastest and cheapest way to send money to Poland.Whenever you send money to Poland with your bank or another money transfer service, you lose up to 5% thanks to their terrible exchange rates and transaction fees. At TransferWise, you get the mid-market rate - the one that’s used on the financial markets - and the charges are totally transparent, and tiny. For payments of up to £200, TransferWise charges just £1 per transfer.Save up to 85% over traditional high street banks or companies like PayPal and Western Union by switching to TransferWise today.

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True cost of sending 10,000 GBP to PLN

Real transfer fee info
  • £50.00
  • £358
  • £364
  • £598


PLN received
  • PLN 49,331.00
  • PLN 47,800.00
  • PLN 47,771.00
  • PLN 47,560.00

Calculations based on a mid-market GBP PLN exchange rate of 5.0002

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This is how it works. Send your first payment in minutes. No fluff, no jargon, full transparency.

  • Create your transfer

    First you create a transfer on our website. This takes only a couple of minutes – you just tell us how much you’re transferring and where to.
  • Your money

    Next, send your money to TransferWise. You can do this in two ways: upload using your debit card, or make a bank transfer to the TransferWise bank account in your currency.
  • Payment received

    TransferWise makes the conversion and pays the recipient in the required currency. That might be a person, a company, or your own overseas account.

Using the Skype principle to slash the rates that people pay to send money abroad

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