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TransferWise Euro bank accounts (in Estonia/Germany)

TransferWise has several Euro bank accounts which we use to send and receive Euro deposits- one in Estonia and a second in Germany.


Our primary Euro is held with LHV Bank in Tallinn, Estonia. They’re a modern, mid-sized bank, established in 1999. You can read more about them at

The bank account with LHV is fully SEPA compliant, so making EUR deposits to this account from another SEPA country shouldn’t cost any more than a regular domestic transfer.

SEPA (or the Single European Payments Area) is a set of standards for transfers between banks within the SEPA area. It aims to harmonize and simplify cross-border Euro bank transfers.

If your Euro bank is asking ludicrous fees for a transfer to Estonia, just tell them to do it as a SEPA transfer.

Arm yourself with knowledge about SEPA here, or you can always ask our support team if you need back-up.

Estonia is a member of the European Union, the Eurozone and NATO, and known for technological innovation. It’s near Finland- about here.


Our secondary Euro bank account is based in Germany, used primarily to receive deposits. It's held with the widely known, SOFORT AG. We support payments to this account via regular SEPA transfer or via their own payment system.

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