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What is a bank transfer reference and a TransferWise payment reference?

Bank transfer (deposit) reference:
If you're depositing funds to us, always use your unique "P12345"-format reference code (shown in your deposit note and in the 'Make the bank transfer' section after you confirm your payment). You always use one and the same "P-reference" code if you're using the same TransferWise account.
This ensures that we can link your payment to your deposit immediately.

TransferWise payment reference:
The reference that's shown with the payment to the recipient, can be filled out by you manually during the payment process. This ensures that the recipient knows what the payment is about. See: 'Payment description/reference') during the payment.
If you leave it unfilled, we show a default reference referring to your name (e.g. *Lastname Firstname).

Also see:
* I did not enter a reference for the payment to the recipient.
* I used a different payment reference when depositing to TransferWise.

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