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How exactly does a TransferWise payment work?

  • If you complete a TransferWise payment, we never deduct or debit anything from your bank account automatically. You will need to make a manual deposit/bank transfer to us or pay with a debit card.
    We do not need your bank account details, as long as the money arrives directly from you.

  • A refund account is only needed if you cancel a payment or in case you make a 'Receive fixed amount' payment, and not in order to charge your bank account automatically.

    1. Log into your account if you already have one and hit 'Make A Payment'. If you do not have an account, just go to and see 'Send money abroad'. Choose the right currency pair and sum to send and hit 'Get started now'.

    2. Fill out all necessary details incl. the recipient bank account information. You are then asked to review and confirm your payment order.

    3. After this you are given the details for making a deposit to our bank account (we also send you an e-mail with these details).

    4. Please use the correct information when making the deposit, so we can process your payment as quickly as possible.

    5. As soon as we have your deposit, we will notify you and start the conversion process. This can take up to 2 business days at most - mostly quicker, after which a payment will be made to the recipient.

    6. NB! You can also use a debit card.

    - To convert from EUR you need to reside in the Single European Payments area, known as SEPA payments.
    - You will need a UK bank account denominated in GBP in order to convert from British pounds.
    - You can also make payments from and to other currencies, as listed here.

  • You will never transfer money directly to other users. You always transact securely with TransferWise Ltd.

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