IBAN in Brazil

To make an IBAN, banks combine local account details into one string of characters. This means you can calculate an IBAN using these account details.

What is the IBAN format in Brazil ?

An IBAN (International Bank Account Number) is an internationally-agreed code made up of up to 34 letters and numbers that helps banks make sure that international transfers are processed correctly.

Each set of characters represents a different detail for your bank account. You can see the breakdown of this IBAN below.

What is the IBAN code in Brazil?

IBAN in Brazil consists of 29 characters:

  • 2 letter country code
  • 2 digit check number
  • 8 characters from the bank's SWIFT/BIC
  • 5 digit code for the bank branch
  • 10 digit code for the bank account number
  • 1 digit code for account type
  • 1 digit code for account owner type

Already have an IBAN code?

Check IBAN
IBAN example in Brazil BR1800360305000010009795493C1
IBAN in print format BR18 0036 0305 0000 1000 9795 493C 1
Country code BR
Check digits 18
Bank code 00360305
Branch code 00001
Bank account number 0009795493
Account type C
Owner account type 1

Do you need an IBAN in Brazil?

Yes. If you’re making – or expecting to receive – an international money transfer to a bank account in Brazil, then just a standard bank account number isn’t enough. If you want your money to arrive quickly and safely, you’ll usually need to give the bank a few extra details, such as an IBAN or SWIFT code.

Banks assign IBANs to each of their accounts to make sure that international transfers are processed correctly.

IBANs contain all of the country, bank, and account details you need to send or receive money internationally. This system is used throughout Europe, and also recognised in some areas of the Middle East, North Africa and the Caribbean.

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