Bye Bye Money Changers, Hello World.

Now travellers can spend around the world for up to 7x cheaper with the TransferWise card. Hold and convert 40+ currencies, and withdraw cash overseas for free — all at the real exchange rate.

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Borderless travel

You could be losing S$650 every year on foreign transaction fees.

An independent researcher compared TransferWise to the big banks and travel cards in Singapore. They found that we're up to 7x cheaper for spending and withdrawing overseas. Siao ah?

Compare the costs

Hold 40+ currencies incl. MYR & THB
TransferWise Yes
Citibank No
YouTrip No
Withdraw $250/month in Malaysia
TransferWise $1.69
HSBC $14.25
Citibank $13.25
DBS $23.50
YouTrip $5
Spend $250 in Malaysia
TransferWise $1.69
HSBC $6.25
Citibank $6.25
DBS $8.25
YouTrip No data
Withdraw $250/month in Europe (EUR)
TransferWise $1.08
HSBC $9.98
Citibank $11.18
DBS $9.26
YouTrip $5.80
Spend $250 in Europe (EUR)
TransferWise $1.08
HSBC $1.98
Citibank $4.18
DBS $2.26
YouTrip $0.88

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Your best travel companion. Spend anywhere, for less.

Pay zero foreign transaction fees
Plus no annual fees, just low currency conversion fees.
Free ATM withdrawals worldwide
Withdraw S$350 every 30 days — anywhere that accepts Mastercard.
Convert 40+ currencies, including MYR and THB
Hold and switch currencies in seconds with low fees.
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Create an account quickly

Create an account quickly

Sign up for your TransferWise account online or download the app to get your free card — then sit tight until the mail comes in the next 2-3 days. Watch how it works here.

Set up your card seamlessly

Set up your card seamlessly

Once your card arrives, activate it online or in the app and get your PIN. To activate contactless, first buy something with chip and PIN.

Spend and save anywhere

Spend and save anywhere

Enjoy zero foreign transaction fees every time you spend. And withdraw up to $350 for free every 30 days — anywhere that accepts Mastercard.

See how TransferWise helps Singaporeans and expats save money.

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The only multi-currency card you need.

Never visit a money changer again. Spend and withdraw anywhere or hold and convert 40+ currencies — Malaysian ringgit and Thai baht too. And get your own international bank details to receive currencies for free:

  • Australian account number and BSB code
  • British account number and sort code
  • European IBAN
  • New Zealand account number
  • US account number and routing number

Singapore and more countries coming soon.

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Account pricing
Creating your account Free
TransferWise Platinum debit Mastercard® Free
Add money with a bank transfer Free
Receive money in EUR, USD, GBP, AUD & NZD Free
Hold 40+ currency balances Free
Convert currencies

0.35% - 2.22%

ATM withdrawals up to S$350 / 30 days

Free, then 2%

With simple, transparent pricing.

The TransferWise account and debit card are free to set up and use. And there's never any monthly fee and minimum balance to worry about.

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The TransferWise Platinum debit Mastercard® is issued by Transferwise Singapore Pte Ltd. pursuant to license by Mastercard Asia/Pacific Pte. Ltd. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design on the card is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.


If you already have a TransferWise account, just log in to order your card online or in the app. If you don’t have an account, it’s free and easy to get started. We'll ask you for some basic information to verify your account. Once you are verified, complete your card order and we will update you as soon as your card is on its way.

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You can spend on your TransferWise Platinum debit Mastercard® in 150+ currencies around the world. Use instore, online and withdraw local currency at millions of locations, everywhere Mastercard is accepted.

You can hold and manage money in your TransferWise account in 40+ currencies for free. And convert between them whenever you want. You can use the money in your account to spend and send in multiple currencies. See a list of currencies we support here.

Apple Pay, Google Pay and Samsung Pay coming soon.

It's free to set up your account.

It's free to get your international bank details, free to receive money using those bank details, and free to spend on your card abroad.

There's a cheap, transparent fee to convert between currencies. You'll always see this upfront, so there's no nasty surprises.

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If you have a currency in your account, it's free to spend on your card in that currency.

You can convert between currencies in your account in seconds. You’ll always get the mid-market rate, like you see on Google. If you spend in a currency you don’t hold a balance in, our smart tech automatically converts your money at the best price. So you never have to worry.

We do charge a small, upfront fee to convert money between currencies in your account. It depends on the currencies you're converting, but here are a few examples:

  • from AUD to GBP 0.47%
  • from AUD to USD 0.47%
  • from EUR to USD 0.41%
  • from USD to GBP 0.45%
  • from USD to EUR 0.45%

You'll always see these fees upfront, so there are no nasty surprises. And you're guaranteed the mid-market exchange rate — like the one you see on Google.

Click here to learn more about pricing

All the money in your account is securely stored in TransferWise's bank accounts— either in Australia, the UK or the USA.

TransferWise Singapore Pte Ltd is a company incorporated under the laws of Singapore with Unique Entity Number 201422384R. TransferWise Singapore Pte Ltd is regulated as a remittance business by The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) license: 01493.

All money in your TransferWise Borderless Account is stored and safeguarded securely in our bank accounts in Australia, the UK or USA depending on the country of residence in your profile.

Over 6 million customers have trusted us to move their money around the world. We move more than $5 billion every month at TransferWise - and we take the safety and security of your money seriously.

Once you have signed up for the debit card in your TransferWise account, the card will be sent to your registered address within 2-4 business days.

Sorry, we don't ship overseas right now. Currently, we only ship to address provided by you at the time of card sign-up. If you'd like to update your card mailing address, please get in touch with our support team.

Once you've got your card, you'll need to activate it before you can use it. To activate your card:

  1. Go to your TransferWise account. If you're on the website, go to Debit card. If you're on the app, go to Account, then click the card icon at the top of the screen.

  2. Enter the 6-digit code that's on the card below your name.

  3. Now your card is activated, you'll be able to make payments.

To activate contactless, buy something with chip or PIN and select "credit" on the terminal.

To keep your money safe, you’ll need a four-digit PIN to withdraw cash at ATMs and to make chip and PIN payments using your TransferWise card.

When you activate your TransferWise card, we’ll share your PIN with you. If you forget it, you can always check it in the TransferWise app. We do not support PIN change at the moment - don't worry, your PIN is safe and only you have access to it.

When withdrawing cash from an ATM, please always select the "credit" option on the ATM screen. The money will be withdrawn from your TransferWise account. You can use the TransferWise card at all ATMs with Mastercard®, Maestro or Cirrus logo.

Bye Bye Money Changers, Hello World.

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