A payouts platform for businesses and banks.

Make faster, lower-cost payouts to all your customers, freelancers, employees, investors, and suppliers around the world.

A great experience
Make your customers’ day - and make faster, cheaper payouts while doing it.
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Easily implemented
Either integrate with our API, or get started today with payments via a file upload.
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Your operations in mind
Improve how you work with features that reduce stress and save time.
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Safe and secure
We’re FCA regulated, with anti-money laundering and sanction checks in place.
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We transfer over
£1 billion every month.

Helping to power banks and businesses like:

Delivering a great experience.

With TransferWise payouts, you’ll get access to the same unique features available on our consumer platform, including a delivery estimator, pay-to-email, and real-time tracking.

All to help speed up payments, lower costs, and make your customers happy.

Our customers love our payouts, and so will yours.

The growth of our business is driven by word of mouth - and that’s because we’re focused on solving customer problems.

With an average 9.5 star rating on TrustPilot and a Net Promoter Score of 80, we’re excited to offer access to the same platform and features that power our own business - so you can make great payouts, too.

Two easy ways to implement payouts.

Integrate with our API

Fully automated solution

Start integrating our platform into your website or workflow today. We have detailed documentation, a sandbox environment, and a dedicated support team ready to get you started.

Or, upload a file

Zero development needed

Make a batch payment by simply uploading a file. Log into your account and use the upload tool to make up to 1,000 transfers - with one single payment. No developer needed.

Pricing as it should be.

Whenever you use TransferWise, you’ll only pay a small, upfront fee for each transfer you make. There are never any hidden costs or unfair markups.

No setup or monthly fees

Our dedicated payouts team is here and ready to get you started. No strings, and no extra costs, attached.

The real exchange rate

Alway get the real exchange rate, which is, the one you’ll see on Google or Reuters. No markup, never inflated.

Only fair fees

We only charge a small, upfront fee for each transfer you make. And charge nothing to your recipients.

Covered around the world

Send money to 50+ countries with your TransferWise account. Any of the currencies you see, you can send to.

We’re rapidly expanding and expect to add over 15 countries this year.

United Arab Emirates Dirham

Australian Dollar

Bulgarian Lev

Canadian Dollar

Swiss Franc

Chilean Peso

Chinese Yuan

Colombian Peso

Czech Koruna

Danish Krone


British Pound

Israeli Shekel

Georgian Lari

Hong Kong Dollar

Croatian Kuna

Hungarian Forint

Indonesian Rupiah

Indian Rupee

Japanese Yen

Kenyan Shilling

South Korean Won

Sri Lankan Rupee

Mexican Peso

Malaysian Ringgit

Norwegian Krone

New Zealand Dollar

Philippine Peso

Polish Zloty

Romanian Leu

Swedish Krona

Singapore Dollar

Thai Baht

Turkish Lira

Ukrainian Hryvnia

US Dollar

Vietnamese Dong

South African Rand

Peruvian Sol

Your operations in mind.

Support and account management
Our multilingual team is here for you, and everyone you pay - by phone, email, and chat.
Automatic bounce back reconciliation
Get automated repairs of payments causing you problems, including reconciliation of rejected ones.
Tracking and reporting
Track your payouts in real-time, with secure access to online reporting.
Manage currencies
Hold up to 27 currencies – and switch between them when the exchange rate looks good.

Security and compliance.

Regulated or authorised in 9 countries
Licensed by the FCA in the UK, regulated or authorised in 8 other major countries, with 42 US state licenses.
Sanction screening and AML monitoring
Over 70 people dedicated to compliance, with AML monitoring, sanction checks, and oversight controls.
Bank-grade security for you and your customers
We’re end-to-end encrypted. This means that all your data, and money, is secure.
Working to evolve regulation
We have dedicated people in place to work with regulators to streamline payouts around the world.

Get started today.

Our payouts team will help you find a solution that best fits with your business needs.

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