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Welcome to TransferWise affiliate program. Here you will find all the creatives, widgets and content to get you started and going as TransferWise affiliate.

Getting started with TransferWise affiliate program

1. Read the onboarding guide

1. Read the onboarding guide

Onboarding guide is packed with wealth of information about TransferWise, its products and how to use our partner's tracking software. Read the guide.

2. Get your tracking link

2. Get your tracking link

You will find your tracking link in the welcome email that you received when joining the program or on your Partnerize account. Click here to log into your account and get the link.

3. Promote TransferWise

3. Promote TransferWise

Promote TransferWise to your clients or monetize your traffic using content. For content and recommendation ideas have a look at our campaign library.

Get started with your campaign.

We have resources depending on your use case and target audience.

Campaign Name Campaign Brief

TransferWise review - explain how TransferWise works and share your review

TransferWise review

Send money abroad - explain how to send money abroad

Send money abroad

Competitor review - explain how TransferWise compares to other providers

Competitor review

NEW - AUS and NZ debit card- share the news of our multi-currency debit card launching in Australia and New Zealand.

AUD and NZ debit card

Monetize your website with content.

There are many people that look for ways to send money abroad. Help these people find TransferWise by sharing content with your audience.

To find out about our affiliate program rules, please see our 'DO's and DON'Ts' section.

For briefs in other languages please go to localized brief section.

Recommend TransferWise to your clients.

When your customers pay you from abroad, their banks charge them international fees and apply a bad exchange rate, adding extra fees that they don’t see. You can help them save a lot by recommending TransferWise as your preferred payment option.

Campaign Name Campaign Brief

Pay with TransferWise - increase the value of your service by recommending TransferWise to your clients.

Pay with TransferWise

Products and widgets Information

Onboarding guide

Affiliate onboarding guide

Send money with TransferWise

How to get started with TransferWise


Borderless UK and Europe

TransferWise API

Explore our API

Calculator widget

Implementation document

Price Comparison widget

Implementation document

Find out more about TransferWise's products.

Find everything you need to know about how to get started with TransferWise, its products and how to promote them.

We also have handy widgets that you can embed on your website to show how TransferWise compares with other providers and show how much It costs to send money with TransferWise.

Have more questions?

Drop us an email at if you did not find your answer in the FAQ's.


TransferWise is a global technology company that’s building the best way to move money around the world.

More than 5 million people and businesses have stopped using banks, PayPal and traditional providers because TransferWise is cheaper, faster and easier.

Huge companies and banks use TransferWise technology too; an entirely new cross-border payment network that will one day power money without borders for everyone, everywhere.

Parnterize is our third-party tracking technology. It’s an online dashboard and tracking system that will allow all TransferWise affiliates to track their referrals, view their performance over time and handles all commission payment to our partners. Affiliate marketing is all about tracking affiliates’ performance, and rewarding them for referring new users!

If you’d like to know more about Partnerize and how to use it, check out this webinar recorded especially for TransferWise partners

Your tracking link is available to copy and paste into your HTML code.

To find your tracking link:

  1. Login to your ‘Dashboard

  2. Under the Partnerize logo, look for the 'Campaign Tracking' section and find your link there

If you would like to create a tracking link for any page that is not TransferWise’s default landing page, use the deeplink box. Insert the page you would like your tracking link to take your users to and this will generate the new tracking link.

We pay a commission for each action you drive from a user that clicks on your unique affiliate tracking link in which you are the first click in the user's journey and where:

1) It's a new user to TransferWise AND

2) user makes a successful cross-currency transfer AND

3) the transfer is made within 60 days of their first click on your affiliate link

You will also see the number of REGISTRATIONS in your dashboard, however, it is not a commissionable action on its own.

Click here to check out more FAQs and useful information.