Borderless account pricing

Everything you need to know about our borderless account pricing. Say bye bye to bank fees for good.

Get the real exchange rate, always.

We never, ever inflate the exchange rate.

There's a small fee to convert currencies — in your account.

It's free to get a borderless account and debit card — though cards are only available to customers in Europe at the moment.

It's also free to get your bank details, hold multiple currencies and get paid from over 30 countries.


Account pricing Card pricing (available in Europe)
Creating your account Free
Hold 40+ currency balances Free
Get an Australian account and BSB number Free
Get a UK account number and sort code Free
Get a European IBAN Free
Get a U.S. routing and wiring number Free
Get a New Zealand account number Free
Convert currencies


Fixed fee to send money (varies by currency)


Receive money in EUR, USD, GBP, AUD & NZD Free
Add money to your account

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Up to 9x cheaper than PayPal.

PayPal inflates exchange rates when you send and receive international payments, making it hard to see what you're actually being charged. Here's an honest comparison to show how much you can save with your TransferWise borderless account. Learn more.

Compare the costs

Cost to create account
TransferWise £0
PayPal $0
Monthly account fees
TransferWise £0
PayPal $0
Receive A$1000 in NZD
TransferWise A$4.96
PayPal A$34.08
Receive €1000 in NZD
TransferWise €3.80
PayPal €30.71
Receive £1000 in NZD
TransferWise £5.32
PayPal £29.23
Send NZ$1000 to AUD
TransferWise $5.44
PayPal $54.58
Send NZ$1000 to EUR
TransferWise $5.20
PayPal $52.86
Send NZ$1000 to GBP
TransferWise $6.22
PayPal $47.08

Route Conversion fee
NZD → AUD 0.39%
NZD → EUR 0.38%
NZD → GBP 0.37%
NZD → INR 0.49%
AUD → EUR 0.41%
AUD → GBP 0.40%
AUD → USD 0.41%
Route Conversion fee
AUD → NZD 0.43%
GBP → NZD 0.36%
GBP → EUR 0.34%
GBP → USD 0.34%
EUR → NZD 0.36%
EUR → GBP 0.33%
EUR → USD 0.34%

Low currency conversion fees

When you convert currencies within your account, you'll always get the real, mid-market exchange rate. Like the one you see on Google.

The conversion fee depends on the currencies you're converting, but typically, it'll be between 0.35% and 2%. Fees for our most popular currency pairs are in this table. You'll find a full list of currencies in our Support Centre.

For more currency routes visit our help center


For expats like me this is a total game-changer.

Sophie, British living in Sydney

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TransferWise financial regulation

TransferWise operates as a foreign entity and is supervised by the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA).

All money in your TransferWise Borderless Account is stored and safeguarded securely in our bank accounts in New Zealand, Australia, the UK or USA depending on the country of residence in your profile.

Bye bye bank fees, hello world.

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