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What does the application process look like?

When you find your perfect position, apply for it online. You’ll need to submit your CV, a cover letter and maybe answer a few quick questions. We always try our best to reply to every applicant, but sometimes we’re just swamped (we’re only humans after all!). In those rare instances, we’ll prioritise contacting successful candidates first.

If you seem like a good match, we’ll get in touch to arrange a video or phone call with the hiring manager or recruiter. Depending on the role, you may be asked to complete a case study or coding task at this point. There aren’t any right or wrong answer, we just want to see how you solve real world problems.

What should I expect at the interview stage?

After your successful call or task, you’ll be invited to chat with the hiring manager at one of our offices, and meet some of the team. And at the final stage you’ll get to talk with one of our founders or member of our senior leadership team.

Every role has a tailored application process, so the number of interviews and tasks will vary slightly. We want to make sure you get to talk with the right people and that your experience fits the bill.

We think of interviews as an opportunity to talk about previous positions, challenges and to discuss where you’re looking to take your career. We might ask some competency-based questions to help us determine whether you’re right for the role.

If all goes well, we’ll make you an offer and kick off what’s hopefully the most rewarding chapter of your career yet!

What if I have feedback on the application process?

If you’ve got any feedback on the application process, you can always write to us at adjustments@transferwise.com.

Are you open to working with agencies?

We do our very best to find top talent to join our team and have an internal recruitment team dedicated to this task. Sometimes though it’s good to have help.
We don’t want to be bombarded with unnecessary agency calls that waste both our time and yours, so please keep in mind the following:

  • Please don’t call us unsolicited
  • Please feel free to email us to introduce your agency and let us know how you think you can help.
  • However, if you start sending us CVs of candidates without our explicit agreement then we might reach out to them directly. This supersedes any terms and conditions you might send us later.
  • All the positions we’re hiring for are posted on our Jobs page – there are no other roles.

Keep all that in mind and we’ll get on just fine!

What file format should I submit my CV in?

Please submit CVs in .doc or .pdf format.

Who should I contact if I’m having problems with Greenhouse, such as uploading a CV?

Hopefully that never happens, but if you’re experiencing any technical issues please let us know by email adjustments@transferwise.com and we’ll do our best to resolve the issue. It’s always useful to get the full picture, so please try and be descriptive (screenshots help too!).

I am really keen on TransferWise but can’t see a suitable role right now, how can I show my interest?

We’re always adding new roles to our site, so check back from time to time! Plus, you can always follow our Instagram @worldofwisers and LinkedIn @TransferWise to stay up-do-date with our careers.

Will you sponsor a visa for me?

We accept applications from all candidates regardless of nationality. However, visa sponsorship is dependant on local immigration laws and the decision is ultimately made by country-specific border agency. This means we can’t guarantee the outcome of an application. Please check the job description to clarify whether the role is eligible for visa sponsorship.

Please also note, as a financial organisation we are regulated by the FCA, so you’ll need to pass an initial background screening before you can move forward with any visa application.

Can I do an internship with you?

We currently have one Summer Internship Programme we run each year plus our flagship TransferWise Hackathon. Outside of this, from time to time we post paid internship opportunities on our careers site. These are team specific with the goal of progressing our interns into a permanent role.

We don’t currently accept speculative applications for work experience, due to the volume we receive and our goal of offering all interns an in-depth learning experience.

For more information check out our Student jobs page.

Can I do the business placement portion of my qualification with you?

If you have skills we need, as reflected in the posted jobs, we would be happy to hear from you and are open to ideas. Please send your application through to the relevant role with details of when you would be available. At the moment we don’t have a structured Industrial Placement programme but we will always try to accommodate top talent!

I want to help you launch in X market – who should I speak to?

If we’ve got plans for a particular market, we may have dedicated country-specific roles to match. If you don’t see something that suits right now, please check back from time to time.

Who should I address my cover letter to?

We’re not concerned with who it’s addressed to, but what you’ve done and why you’ve enjoyed it. We want to see passion. Why do you want to join the revolution?

Having said that, “Hi TransferWise” or “Hello, lovely recruitment people” works fine if you really need something to kick off your cover letter.

Do I need to speak a foreign language to work at TransferWise?

Our work language is English, but the more languages the merrier!

Can I work remotely?

We believe that people are inspired to learn, and have the most impact when feeding off the buzz and brains of all the other smart people here. So we’d like you to work from the office whenever possible. However, depending on the role you can always request for a flexibility arrangement.

Can I do work shadowing?

At the moment we don’t offer this.

Can I reapply if I was rejected few months ago, since the position is open again?

Of course! You’ll need to demonstrate that you’ve addressed the reason for your rejection. We’d prefer if you leave about 6 months between reapplications though.

Also, think hard about which role you re-apply for – there might be one that fits your skillset better!

Who do I contact with other office/event related questions?

Please send all enquiries to adjustments@transferwise.com.

How do I prepare for my interview?

Check out TransferWise before your interview, and do some digging into our history and the industry we’re in. We’d love to hear your ideas on what we could be doing better too. It’s not necessary to bring along hard copies of your CV or portfolio.

What should I wear to interviews?

We’re more concerned with what you’re saying, not what you’re wearing. Just make sure you’re comfortable!

Who can I contact to change my interview date?

The recruitment coordinator who you are in touch with will be able to help.

What should I do if I need an adjustment to the standard recruitment process?

Please email adjustments@transferwise.com and let us know your requirements. We’ll be happy to accommodate you in any way we can!

Can my university group do an office tour?

We get a large number of requests for office tours and unfortunately, we can’t accommodate them all – as much as we’d love to! Our teams are working flat out to achieve our mission and would find it difficult to regularly provide the experience you deserve.

That being said there are a number of organisations we partner where we aim to offer a valuable tour experience and in-depth meet and greet when we can.

If you’d like to get an insider view into our offices and life at TransferWise, make sure to follow our @worldofwisers Instagram account for the latest from the people who work here.

Can I interview someone for my studies?

We’re always keen to share our learnings and discuss how we are growing our business but unfortunately, as a financial company, much of our information and customer data is confidential, so we don’t currently offer this opportunity. We encourage you to take a look at our TransferWise blog for an insider look at our business and how we are working towards our mission.

Do you offer relocation support?

Yes, we do! If you’re eligible for relocation support we’ll support the cost of your flights, accommodation for up to a month, additional luggage and your visa/legal fees (if required).

Am I eligible? All relocations are country-specific and are dependent on local immigration laws. Please check the job description to clarify whether the role is eligible for visa sponsorship.

Do you offer equity? Is it worth anything?

Yes, we offer all our employees stock options because we’re all creating TransferWise together and we want to share the value of our success. It’s a long-term incentive, to motivate our employees to do their best, rather than a complicated bonus scheme.

Our stock options offer our employees the right to buy TransferWise shares at a fixed price at some point in the future. Your stock options can be sold when there is a liquidity event e.g. a sale of our stock.

The ‘strike price’ is the price per share you pay to acquire the shares. This is set at the price the shares are worth when you join. As the value of TransferWise increases so too do the value of your stock options.

Is there flexible working at TransferWise?

We want you to be proud of the impact you have at TransferWise and make the most of the career opportunity. We understand that everyone needs a little something different to help them do their best work.

You may need to work remotely or take some time to work from home or abroad with your family. Whatever it is, you can chat to your team lead and we’ll do our best to make it happen.

We also know that working at TransferWise is challenging! So, after 4 years we offer our employees 6 weeks paid time off on top of their annual leave.

Are the work hours really long? What is the work/life balance like?

Our people are on a mission to make the world of finance a fairer place and we want to get there as quickly as possible. With so much to do and so many projects you can work on it can be challenging. But we want you to do your best work and that’s not going to happen if you burn out (it’s a marathon, not a sprint!).

When you join TransferWise your team lead will chat to you about how you like to work best and you can discuss how you structure your week. E.g. what time you start and days it would help to work from home. Ultimately, we’re all responsible for each others wellbeing and flexibility is key.

We’ve listened to what our employees wanted from us as an employer and have tailored a benefits package around them, which includes; 6 weeks paid leave for people who have been at the company for four years, a flexi-working policy, generous maternity and paternity leave, and an annual all company trip away.

What are your parental leave policies?

We care about your important life events and want to make sure you take the time you need with your family. We take into account country specific requirements so our policies vary by office. In London, for our people who have been with us for a year we offer;

  • Maternity leave: Our Maternity Leave policy allows Mothers to take up to 52 weeks leave with the first 26 weeks fully paid, followed by 13 weeks statutory pay.
  • Paternity leave: New fathers or secondary parents and take 3 weeks paternity leave fully paid
  • Shared Parental leave: Shared Parental Leave allows parents to share 52 weeks of leave after having a baby. Parents can take blocks of leave separated by periods of work, rather than having to take all the leave in one go.

Do you offer a sabbatical?

We know working at TransferWise is challenging and all our employees go above and beyond for our customers. Because of this, after 4 years at TransferWise, all our employees have the option to take 6 weeks paid time off.

Will I get to travel a lot?

We’re a global company with offices and customers around the world. When we know it will benefit you and your teams to work together in person we encourage you to travel to do so. However, our mission is to save money for our customers - so we’re always responsible with how much we spend on travel.

Our new joiners travel to our Tallinn or Tampa office for an onboarding training week. This is to learn all about how TransferWise works and meet the teams that make it happen. It’s a great chance to meet old and new colleagues alike and by the end of your week, you’ll understand our mission, how we work and how to have an impact in your role.