Thai Baht (THB)

The Thai baht is the currency of Thailand. Its code is THB, and it’s also denoted with the symbol ฿. The baht is the tenth most frequently used currency in the world, and is one of the strongest currencies in southeast Asia. The most popular Thai baht exchange is with the euro. The Thai baht has 6 significant currency conversion digits. It is considered fiat money.

Currency name

Thai Baht

Currency symbol


THB exchange rates

  ??currency.US Dollar_en_IN?? ??currency.Indian Rupee_en_IN?? ??currency.Singapore Dollar_en_IN?? ??currency.Australian Dollar_en_IN?? ??currency.British Pound_en_IN?? ??currency.Malaysian Ringgit_en_IN?? ??currency.Philippine Piso_en_IN?? ??currency.Indonesian Rupiah_en_IN??
From Thai Baht 0.03162 2.32959 0.04355 0.04498 0.02481 0.13188 1.53272 470.69200
To Thai Baht 31.63000 0.42926 22.96440 22.23430 40.31240 7.58240 0.65243 0.00212

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