1000 Brazilian Real to Mexican Peso

1 BRL = 4.15330 MXN

Mid-market exchange rate at 22:59 UTC

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Sending 1000.00 BRL withRecipient gets(Total after fees)Transfer feeExchange rate(1 MXN → BRL)
TransferWiseCheapest4026.62 MXNSave up to 254.55 MXN30.50 BRL0.240772
PayPal3772.07 MXN- 254.55 MXN10.91 BRL0.262214

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Brazilian Real Mexican Peso
1 BRL 4.15330 MXN
5 BRL 20.76650 MXN
10 BRL 41.53300 MXN
20 BRL 83.06600 MXN
50 BRL 207.66500 MXN
100 BRL 415.33000 MXN
250 BRL 1038.32500 MXN
500 BRL 2076.65000 MXN
1000 BRL 4153.30000 MXN
2000 BRL 8306.60000 MXN
5000 BRL 20766.50000 MXN
10000 BRL 41533.00000 MXN
Mexican Peso Brazilian Real
1 MXN 0.24077 BRL
5 MXN 1.20386 BRL
10 MXN 2.40772 BRL
20 MXN 4.81544 BRL
50 MXN 12.03860 BRL
100 MXN 24.07720 BRL
250 MXN 60.19300 BRL
500 MXN 120.38600 BRL
1000 MXN 240.77200 BRL
2000 MXN 481.54400 BRL
5000 MXN 1203.86000 BRL
10000 MXN 2407.72000 BRL