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TransferWise for Business

Tips for getting started with TransferWise for Business How do I use TransferWise for business payments? Authorised contacts for Business Restricted Business Routes Business Payment Tips Switching between Personal and Business Profiles How does my business integrate with the TransferWise API? Batch payments – watch our webinar What's a batch payment? How do I create a batch payment? What's a batch payment template? How do I fill in a batch payment template? Can I pay out to multiple currencies in one batch payment file? How do I upload my batch payments template file? I don't have a batch file, how do I create one? What can I do if I get an error when uploading my batch file? How can I fix input errors? Why should I use batch payments? What are the different batch template options? What's the send by email template? What's the send to saved recipients template? What's the send to bank account template? What file format do I save my batch payments template file in? How do I pay for my batch? How can I make sure my recipient gets a certain amount of money in their currency? Can I send a certain amount of money in a different currency? When should I pay for my batch? Why do I get an error when I upload my batch payments file? How do I fix a batch payments error? Verify your business address What's a personal API token and how do I get one? Getting started with the TransferWise open API What's the TransferWise open API? How do I connect my TransferWise account with my Xero account? How do I sync my TransferWise activity to Xero? What information will TransferWise access from my Xero account? Why isn’t my sync working?