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Borderless account pricing & limits

In the table below, you'll see where and how much you'll be charged in fees for your TransferWise Borderless Account. You'll always be shown the fee you’ll be charged before you make any transaction.
When You You’ll be charged
Open a Borderless Account in any currency Nothing
Add money to your Borderless Account Nothing, but if you add money with a card there may be an additional card fee. (More details below)
Receive money into your Borderless Account Nothing
Convert money between currencies in your Borderless Account The normal TransferWise conversion fee for regular transfers (no minimum fee applied)
Send money (to a bank account in the same currency) A small fixed fee (more info below). We charge this to cover our costs and remain consistent with our usual fees.
Send money (to a bank account in a different currency) The normal TransferWise conversion fee + a small fixed fee (fees are in the table below - the fixed fee is always calculated in the currency you're sending to). We charge this to cover our costs and remain consistent with our usual fees.

Converting money
We use the standard TransferWise conversion fees when converting money between different currencies on your Borderless account. You can find out what these are on our pricing page.

Note: You won’t be charged a minimum fee for converting money between different currencies. E.g. if you convert £100 from GBP to EUR, you will be charged 50p, compared to the £2 fee you’d get when making a normal bank to bank transfer.

Sending money from your Borderless account 
When you transfer money out of your Borderless account to a bank account in the same currency, you'll be charged a small fixed fee. This fee is charged in order to cover our costs of the transaction, and varies by currency, as shown in the table below. You can only make same currency transfers in our 15 Borderless currencies for now.

Also, if you're transferring to an account in a different currency, you'll be charged our normal conversion fee plus the small fixed fee mentioned in the table. This is dictated by the receiving currency in your transfer.

Please note: If you’re making a smaller transfer (eg below 200 GBP), and paying from your Borderless account, you may be able to benefit from a slightly lower fee than normal by setting up the transfer directly from your Borderless account page (instead of hitting the normal ‘Send money’ button). This is because the minimum fee isn’t applied when making a transfer in this way.
Your currency Fee
British Pound 50p
Euro 0.60€
United States Dollar $1.30
Australian Dollar A$0.90
Canadian Dollar $0.90
Polish Zloty 2.50zł
Swiss Franc 1Fr.
Danish Krone 4.40kr
Norwegian Krone 5kr
Swedish Krona 5kr
Hungarian Forint 209Ft.
Indian Rupee ₹41
Romanian Leu 5lei
New Zealand Dollar $1
Pakistani Rupee ₨​200
Thai Baht ฿66
Bulgarian Lev 1.20лв​
Singaporean Dollar $1.80
Hong Kong Dollar $10
Japanese Yen ¥143
Chinese Yuan ¥​20
Georgian Lari 1₾​
Turkish Lira ₺​3
Czech Koruna 15.80Kč​
South African Rand R146.50
Russian Ruble 100₽​
Sri Lankan Rupee රු​75
Bangladeshi Taka ৳​161
South Korean Won ₩​1450
Malaysian Ringgit RM3.78
Mexican Peso $12.20
Brazilian Real R$4.10
Philippine Peso ₱​72.50
Moroccan Dirham 15.د.م​
Emirati Dirham 5.50د.إ​
Chilean Peso $2000
Ukrainian Hryvnia ₴​22.50
Israeli Shekel ₪5
Indonesian Rupiah 7250Rp​
Vietnamese Dong 50,000₫​
Peruvian Sol S/10
Colombian Peso $8000
Croatian Kuna 5.25 kn
Kenyan Shilling 150 KSh

Debit and Credit Card Fees

When paying for a normal transfer, or adding money to your Borderless account using a Debit or Credit card, the additional fees shown here apply. These fees are no different to the ones charged for normal transfers.

Account Limits

We may need to ask you for additional verification information, and documents, depending on the amount added to or received in your Borderless account. If this is the case, we'll contact you by email, and explain the process and what we'll need. There's no limit for how much you can hold in your different Borderless account currencies right now, with the exception of US Dollars, whose limits are shown below.

USD limits
In the table below, you'll see how much you'll be able to receive into your USD balance.
Limit type Personal limit Business limit
Additional information
After these amounts, we will need to ask you how you use your borderless balance, and for what purpose you receive payments.
$10,000 $25,000
Single Payment Limit
The maximum amount you can receive into your USD balance, in one payment:
$50,000 $250,000
Annual Limit
The maximum amount you can receive into your USD balance, within a single year:
$250,000 $1,000,000

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