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What do I do if my TransferWise debit Mastercard is lost or stolen?

You have two options if your TransferWise card has been lost or stolen. You can either freeze your card, which will stop it from working until you choose to defrost it, or cancel it and order a new one.

I want to freeze my card

If you’ve lost your card but think you might find it again, you can stop it working temporarily by freezing it. This means that you won’t be able to use your card to make any transactions for now. But once you find it, you can defrost your card and go back to using it as normal. 

To freeze your card on the TransferWise app:

1. Go to the Account tab
2. Click the arrow next to your card details
3. Choose Freeze card

To freeze your card on your computer:

1. Log in to your TransferWise account
2. Go to the Debit card tab
3. Choose Freeze card in the top corner

Got your card back? Great! Follow the steps above and you’ll see an option to defrost your card. Choose this and you’re good to go again. 

I want to cancel my card 

If your card is stolen, damaged or lost permanently, you can cancel it using the TransferWise app.

1. Go to the Account tab
2. Click the arrow next to your card details
3. Choose Replace card
4. Choose Cancel and replace

Now you’ve cancelled your old card, you can order a replacement. All you need to do is enter and confirm your delivery address, and your new card will be on its way.

Don’t have our mobile app? Contact us and we’ll cancel your card for you. You can then order a new card in your TransferWise account like you did the first time.

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