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What do I do if my TransferWise debit Mastercard is lost or stolen?

If your TransferWise card is lost or stolen, here's what to do.
  1. Freeze your card by logging into your TransferWise account. This will stop any transactions from taking place.
  2. Contact us via email or phone. Don't worry- it's free for customers. We'll put a permanent block on your card. Because it's irreversible, we'll send you an email to double check that you're OK with it first.
  3. Confirm via email that you understand your card will be blocked. We want to make sure before going ahead.
  4. Order your card in your TransferWise account like you did the first time. We'll ask you to confirm your name and mailing address.
Once we have all these details, we'll get your new card on its way to you!

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