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How do I get paid into my borderless account?

You can currently get paid directly into your borderless account in US Dollars, Euros, British Pounds or Australian Dollars, and no-one pays any fees.

Here’s how to get paid:
  1. Activate the currency you’re being paid in
  2. Click on the currency symbol to see your bank details for each currency - that’s your IBAN or account number and routing, wire or SWIFT / BIC numbers
  3. Give these bank details to your company, clients or friends
  4. You’ll receive their payment directly into that currency balance in your account
  5. Then hold the money in your account, convert it to the currencies you need or send it to any other bank account around the world
Some things to note:
  • There are no fees to receive payments using your bank details
  • You can only receive payments in the local currency. For example, USD from any bank account in the US, or Euros from any bank account in the Eurozone
  • You can convert the money to other currencies once it’s in your borderless account

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